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Try this $1 face mask hack to keep your glasses from fogging up

People with glasses have a major sticking point when it comes to wearing masks: It fogs up their lenses and makes everything difficult to see.

Mask wearing is critical to slowing the spread of COVID-19, and the last thing anyone needs is a reason to find themselves kept out of stores and essential businesses. Tap or click here to see how to make your own mask at home.

Fortunately, a doctor has come up with a $1 life hack that can stop glasses from fogging up due to wearing masks. Try it out at home and see the difference for yourself. Spoilers: It actually works!

Put a band-aid on it!

Check your medicine cabinet for Band-Aids, because they’re the key to fog-free glasses when you’re wearing a mask.

Dr. Daniel M. Heiferman invented this trick to keep his own glasses from fogging up while at work. He shared it with his Twitter followers in the hopes of helping others suffering from the same problem.

Before too long, the hack was picked up by The Home Edit and went viral on social media. All you have to do is place the Band-aid over your nose, half on the top of your mask and half over your skin.

This keeps warm air from escaping through the top of your mask and clouding your vision. We tried this trick at home and were surprised at how effective it is.

The original tweet racked up more than 170,000 likes and counting. Try it out for yourself with Band-Aids at home, or pick some up from Amazon using the links below.

Dr. Heiferman recommends using cotton Band-Aids, and Band-Aid Flexible Fabric strips are easy to apply and take off. The weave of the Band-Aid allows you to talk and move your nose without it popping off. Meanwhile, your glasses stay fog-free.

If you have a kid at home with glasses, these Pokémon bandages are comfortable to wear and feature prints with several colorful characters.

And if you’re looking for something a bit more premium, Welly’s Bravery Badges are a great choice. Like the Flexible Fabric Band-Aids, these strips are made of woven fabric that allows your skin to move and breathe. Plus, there are tons of fun colors and patterns to pick from.

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