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Hunting tech

Hunting tech: These trail cameras help you find more prey

Tracking prey can take half the day, but with trail cameras, you can speed up the process and be alerted when a target enters your hunting grounds. Additionally, these can be used as home security cameras to monitor your office or front door without impeding your privacy, as Ring doorbells do. These are our top picks.

24MP HD video trail camera, by GardePro

Motion detection is one of the critical components of a good trail camera. This GardePro cam gives you up to 90 feet of motion detection, so you know when the prey has entered the area. When it kicks on, infrared night vision sends a clear and crisp picture directly to the onboard storage card.

Make out every small detail and get stunning 24MP photographs highlighting each shot’s minor details. GardePro’s long-standing quality makes it one of the best hunting camera brands.

Waterproof game camera, by Hawkray Cam

Without a good trigger time on your camera, it simply doesn’t hold up against other tech you could use. When your prey enters the frame, it only takes 0.2s for this camera to kick on. You don’t even miss half a second of activity because Hawkray Cam is waiting for that moment to begin recording again.

While this includes a 32GB microSD card, it’s not a lot of room when dealing with high-resolution photos and videos, so keep that in mind. With an impressive 120 degrees of coverage, you capture more out-of-frame shots than you would expect, which makes this perfect for covering wide trails.

120-degree angle hunting trail camera

Vikeri offers one of the best camouflages of any trail camera. It’s crisp and lifelike, which helps hide the massively helpful 120-degree camera lens. This cam includes a 32GB microSD card.

With an IP66 waterproof rating and excellent infrared capabilities, this camera has a lot going for it. The 2.4-inch LCD screen can be challenging to watch footage on, but it’s enough to get the job done.

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