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Home intercom systems that don’t use Alexa or Google Assistant

Are you tired of shouting across the house? It’s time to communicate more clearly without straining your voice to get someone’s attention. Improve communication and clarity with your family from room to room, grab your husband’s attention from the garage, or call your kids down for dinner. These intercoms are our top picks to help you communicate better with your family.

Hosmart wireless home intercom system

Hosmart is the leading manufacturer of intercom systems for a good reason: quality and variety without a high price. You get access to six separate channels with up to three individual digital codes.

Everything is wireless, provides clear audio quality and includes a two-year warranty for manufacturer defects. These small, portable intercom systems can be plugged into an AC adapter if you have a permanent place in mind.

Wuloo wireless home intercom system

If audio quality and comprehension are important to you, Wuloo is the way to go. This home communication system has two wireless intercoms with large, clear buttons to ensure you’re always performing your desired action.

There’s an incredible one-mile range, so even if you’re across the house, you won’t get the low-grade interference that some intercom systems do. This pack is easy to set up and takes only a few minutes.

Hosmart hands-free portable duplex intercom system

Hosmart doesn’t give you dummy buttons and unnecessary space on this intercom system. Instead, you have large, visible buttons that reduce input error. The chassis is durable and can handle light drops and slight damage.

While the range is only 1,000 feet (which can lessen if the signal has to go through many walls), it’s more than enough for most homes. Enjoy anti-interference and clear audio without compromise.

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