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Looking for a lazy way to brush your teeth? Check these out

Inventors have come up with many wacky solutions to problems we didn’t even know we had. Tap or click here for 15 tech tricks you’ll wish you knew sooner. A new one is a lazy way to brush your teeth.

While brushing your teeth may be time-consuming, it is necessary. Dentists recommend you brush your teeth and entire mouth for at least two minutes, but what if you could cut that down to just seconds?

High-tech toothbrushes have emerged that might make your daily routine a little easier. If you are looking for a lazy way to brush your teeth, check these out.

Whole mouth toothbrushes

A typical toothbrush can only clean a couple of teeth or one side at a time. But new brushes have emerged similar to nightguards that can clean your entire mouth, every tooth and nook and cranky, in just about 30 seconds.

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These new devices rely on vibrations and tightly packed bristles inside the nightguard to give you a thorough clean. However, studies are still being conducted to decide whether these new brushes are as good as traditional ones.

So before you ditch your nighttime toothbrush routine, check with your dentist first. Let’s look at some of the most popular options.

The Y-Brush

One of the most popular options is the Y-Brush. It claims to brush your entire mouth in just 10 seconds. That’s a radical cut-down on the typical two minutes you should brush your teeth for, which makes it appealing.

The product gets its name from its Y-shaped mouthguard that you insert and bite down on. You insert it and bite down for five seconds, then repeat with the upper or lower set of your teeth.

You can choose vibration modes just like you would select a toothbrush style. Modes include soft, normal or intense. If you choose the soft setting, it will take 15 seconds instead of 10. It comes with a rechargeable battery and needs to be replaced every six months.

While typical toothbrushes can cost you under a dollar, you’ll pay quite a bit for the Y-Brush, which is currently priced at $153.99. Shop the Y-Brush here.

A quicker brush without breaking the bank

If you are interested in these newer toothbrushes but don’t want to empty your wallet, there are more affordable options. This V-White full mouth toothbrush operates similarly to the Y-Brush but for a third of the cost.

How about the kiddos?

When it comes to brushing teeth, kids can be a real challenge. So if you can cut two minutes down to 10 seconds, why wouldn’t you?

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In addition to the adult versions, there are also affordable options for these whole mouth brushes made specifically for children. This SHNOKER electric toothbrush is made for children and is shaped like a penguin in blue or pink. You can get it for less than $37.

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