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10 helpful desk gadgets to make your home office more efficient

We could all stand to be a little more efficient at our desks. Getting organized and optimizing your workspace is difficult, so we’ve built this list. These gadgets and add-ons make it easy to make the most of your space.

Ticktime Pomodoro cube desk timer

The Pomodoro timer method has been revolutionary for students, freelancers and anyone working from home for a long time. This cube timer from Ticktime makes it easier than ever to stay focused and motivated.

Made from a durable alloy, this cube features timing modes up to 99 minutes and 59 seconds. You can use six different preset countdown methods or customize your own. The Pomodoro technique lets you adjust as needed or based on your productivity habits.

Ticktime’s desk timer is inexpensive, lightweight at just 52 grams and designed to increase your productivity on day one. These types of investments pay for themselves in under a week.

MINSA monitor attachment

Is your desk a flurry of papers, sticky notes and scribbles? A messy desk can be frustrating and distracting, so MINSA made this monitor attachment to hold your notes.

Clip it onto the side of your monitor, and you’re ready to go. You can put one on either side and organize your workspace in no time. It’s a simple, inexpensive add-on to your desk that helps you stay organized.

Elgato Stream Deck (15-key)

Elgato makes products for content creators and Twitch streamers, but its Stream Deck can be used to automate tasks and save you time every day. Each key is assigned to a specific function and is entirely customizable.

You can use one key to open a cluster of browser windows for your early morning tasks or another to bring up Zoom and adjust your camera. Each key is an LCD screen, so you can customize the button image and make folders to create an endless number of functions.

With Elgato’s built-in software, you can drag and drop functions into each key. Setup is simple, it’s small and nests under your monitor, and it can make your workflow much easier.

LED desk lamp with charging port

Desk lamps are a dime a dozen, except for this LED lamp by Arspic. It’s small, attractive and completely flexible, but the real reason we added it to this list is the built-in charger.

It allows passthrough for 24W for USB-A and up to 27W for USB-C devices. Tap the top of the stand to turn the lamp on and adjust your brightness settings. If you use the same brightness levels every time, the memory feature will remember which ones you like and keep it in mind when you turn the lamp on next time.

Desk edge power strip with desk mount

Tired of running extension cables and bulky wires under your desk? That’s not very cable management-friendly of you. VILONG’s desk edge power strip is the perfect solution and includes a desk clamp mount with an adjustable knob.

Place it on the back of your desk, lock it into place and access four plugs with a shut-off switch plus two USB cable plugs off to the side. It offers 2.1A of charging power in the USB ports to charge your phone rapidly.

Desktop monitor stand with drawer organizers

Is your monitor at the perfect level for your neck? If you crane your neck down too much, you can cause upper back and neck pain. This simple desktop stand raises your monitor by 4.7” while offering organizational space.

Open the metal drawers for a document bin on the bottom, or use the top three bins to separate pens, staples and other office equipment. It’s simple, durable and keeps your desk tidy.

Leather pad for your entire desk space

Leather desk pads work differently than mouse pads. These are great to write on, organize your desk gear and, of course, also use as a mouse pad and traction mat for your keyboard.

This leather desk pad is 36” wide and 20” long to cover a massive area. Built to be dual-sided and waterproof against basic spills, it may be the investment that saves your keyboard from that morning cup of coffee.

Gimars memory foam keyboard wrist rest

Wrist rests prevent carpal tunnel, ease arthritis pain and make using your PC or laptop much more enjoyable. Gimars offers a keyboard wrist rest and a mouse wrist rest in one affordable package.

Built with memory foam and designed with excellent traction to stay in place on your desk, Gimars offers the best way to protect your wrists for those long days while you work from home.

FengJu cord organizer for USB cables

Cable management is difficult, which is why many people ignore it. FengJu just made it easy to organize those cables with a two-pack of cord organizers.

These rubberized devices fit most small cords for headphones and USB cables. Peel off the back and stick it to your desk, the side of a file cabinet or the edge of your PC tower. Control a total of eight cables between both packs and stop the mess of wires crowding your desk.

ORICO Aluminum USB 3.1 hub with super speed splitter

Last but not least, we could all use some more USB accessibility, right? ORICO made this aluminum hub with four separate USB 3.1 slots on a slanted platform. These support up to 10 Gbps transfer speeds, which is more than anyone needs.

Use the USB port on the side to connect it to your PC, attach the 12V power supply, and begin transferring files and powering your USB devices faster than ever.

We may receive a commission when you buy through our links, but our reporting and recommendations are always independent and objective.

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