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headphone stands
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Compact and colorful headphone stands for your desk

Ever roll over a headphone wire or completely forget where you put them, only to step on them or damage them later? Headphone stands are necessary for any desk and don’t have to be boring. These bright and colorful stands protect your headphones, serve as chargers and brighten your workspace. Check out our favorite inexpensive, multifunctional headphone stands.

KAFRI dual headphone desk stand with wireless charging

KAFRI lets you hang two pairs of headphones at once. Use your work headset during the day, then quickly transition to your gaming headset after you clock out. This stand includes a wireless charging mat built into the base that charges with speeds up to 10W. If your phone uses micro USB, 10W charges just about as fast as the average 12W peak you likely enjoy now.

There’s also a light-up RGB base with seven color combinations. You get a five-foot-long cord in the package, granting you plenty of slack so you can put it anywhere you want on your desk.

Havit headphone stand with USB and AUX ports

Tired of your headphone wire dragging across the desk or not having enough slack? Havit’s headphone stand comes with a built-in 3.5mm AUX cable slot. The primary power source plugs into your PC, allowing the AUX port to work like the headphone port on your PC or laptop. Plug it into the stand to hear your audio.

Beyond that, it includes two USB ports for charging your devices, a heavily weighted stand and traction padding on the bottom, so it doesn’t skid around on your desk.

Cozoo RGB desktop headset stand with overload protection charging dock

You get to your desk and realize you didn’t charge your phone at home. No need to dig out a charger (or worry if you forgot one) because Cozoo includes a charging dock built into this headset stand.

You can also use any of the three USB ports to deliver 2.4a worth of power to any device you want to charge or power. Cozoo made an excellent PC gadget extension cable with a built-in headphone stand. There are even two standard outlets on the back.

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