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unique gift ideas

The best gifts for the person who doesn’t want or need anything

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If you’re shopping online to complete your Christmas gift list, beware! There are tons of thieves targeting holiday shoppers this year. Tap or click here for details of the top three scams making the rounds.

Now that we’re through talking about the scary stuff let’s get into the fun part. Gift giving. But some people on your gift list might seem like they already have everything. That’s when it’s good to think outside the box. For most people, the perfect gifts are functional.

Don’t worry. We’re here to help. We’ve compiled a list of unique gift ideas that are perfect for those who don’t need anything.

1. HP Sprocket Studio Plus Wi-Fi printer

Here’s something the person who has everything hasn’t thought about. A mini printer that can print tiny photos right from their smartphone.

We like this one because it can accommodate a standard four-inch by six-inch photo, whereas comparable printers can only do something super tiny. They also won’t be restricted to a square frame. These prints look and feel like traditional photos from an old disposable camera from the 90s. Classic!

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2. Folding dog stairs

Those with an aging or debilitated pet will love this compact, slip-resistant set of stairs. Its charm is in its versatility. While it’s perfect for your bedroom or anywhere else in your home, it can be stowed away easily, making it a great travel companion for any pet owner. 

3. Bissell SpinWave cordless hard floor expert

You have not lived until you’ve tried a lightweight, hassle-free stick vacuum. The same goes for the perfect smart mop, and this Bissell bestseller makes the grade. 

This is another one for pet owners. The detergents it comes with specialize in odor reduction, and the ultra-plush mop pads cut grime and other messes down to the quick.

4. Ninja DualBrew Pro coffee maker

When they’re making coffee at home, why make them choose? Give them a gift that does it all, including frothed milk, iced lattes and even just plain old hot water for tea or soup.

This machine does it all. You can brew a single cup using a K cup or an entire pot of coffee with your favorite beans. You can even make a bowl of hot oats with the hot water function. Breakfast? Served.

5. Shiatsu neck and back massager

Is your favorite person feeling just a little bit tense? You could send them to a spa for a day. Or, better yet, gift them a device that keeps the edge off 365 days a year. An excellent gift for anybody on your list with chronic back pain.

6. The Complete America’s Test Kitchen TV Show Cookbook

As some of the most respected experts in the world of cuisine online, this team of foodies can show you how to do it all. Evidence-based techniques and tried-and-true recipes with full-color illustrations make every culinary adventure one to remember (in the best way possible).

7. DODOWIN contour gauge profile tool

Lock and load any design with this handy, portable contour gauge. If you’re into woodworking, you already know what lifesaver tools like this can be. Dads, hobbyists and professionals alike will all love this endlessly practical gift. Perfect for home improvement, too.

8. Thrustmaster TCA sidestick

The Thrustmaster is a gaming peripheral designed to emulate a real-life cockpit, resulting in an immersive and engaging flight simulator experience.

It’s meant to mimic an actual Airbus sidestick. If you’re unsure what that means, worry not because any flight simulation fan certainly will. Upgrade their set-up with this ergonomic and attractive collectible.

9. A new set of charcuterie boards

This one is destined for any aspiring hosts or hostesses on your list. If you give it to them for Christmas, it’ll be aptly timed enough to make it onto their New Year’s Eve spread. 

We love the retractable cutlery compartment and the modern appeal of each included platter. It’s stylish, high-quality, and will delight any crowd.

10. Dimmable touch control table lamp

USB ports? Check. Trendy Edison bulb? Yup. This minimal and modern touch-controlled bedside lamp can juice your devices up as you read the evening away. That, and it’s pretty affordable.

11. Backbone One gaming controller for iPhone

Backbone One instantly transforms any iPhone into a mini console. It’s great for kids, especially those who travel often. The recipient will also get a free month of Xbox Game Pass. You might consider cashing in on this bonus yourself if they’ve already got it.

12. YnM weighted blanket

“Hygge” is a Norwegian concept that exemplifies the ultimate in comfy, at-home coziness, and this artisanally-crafted weighted blanket delivers big-time. 

It’s thick, heavy and available in nearly three dozen designer colors. It looks great as a throw blanket and performs like a champ during those cold winter nights.

13. Celestron 70mm travel scope

If they’re old enough for their first telescope, there is no better place for an aspiring cosmologist to begin. There’s even an app to guide them to any celestial body currently visible in their region. Curious minds will not be able to get enough.

14. The Five Minute Journal

Studies show that people who have regular gratitude practice are healthier, happier and more productive. If an ordinary journal or bullet journal is too much to deal with, this iconic gratitude journal lays the groundwork for them. 

It takes no time in the morning or evening to complete these simple gratitude exercises, and they’ll get all the benefits of this highly calming and beneficial daily ritual.

15. An ultrasonic jewelry cleaner

Ultrasonic cleaning is the gentlest, most thorough way to keep the most-loved valuables looking pristine for life. It’s touch-operated, allowing your recipient to drop earrings, timepieces and small metal implements in worry-free. They’ll emerge sanitized, sparkling and fresh. 

16. Hatch Restore sound machine

If your favorite person suffers from seasonal depression, light therapy might just make their entire year. This is a smart clock that can help improve their sleep quality. Establish routines and wake up on the right side of the bed from here on out.

17. Fovitec Zoom call backdrop

Level up their work-from-home game with this reversible conference screen. A stately gray background is perfect for any video call, even from their chaotic spare room. It’s also a creative choice for any vloggers, comedians or influencers needing a clean blue screen to key.

18. A Flip 4 portable Bluetooth speaker

Bring the party anywhere with one of the most durable portable speakers on the block. The Flip 4 connects to their smartphone via Bluetooth, allowing them to pump up the volume at home, work or anywhere else.

It’s water-resistant, too, but that doesn’t mean it falls short of fidelity. Can you feel the bass? We can, and we love every minute of it.

19. Arccos golf tracking system

These 14 club sensors (including a special one for the putter) help the golf lovers in your life track every swing they take. A GPS-driven, in-app rangefinder can also report on things like wind direction and altitude. It’s the best holiday gift for future golf pros or anyone who likes to hit the course.

20. Yootech wireless charger

A true winner in the bang-for-your-buck category. This powerful wireless charging pad can penetrate even the thickest case and is compatible with all major smartphone brands. Slap it down, grab and go, all cord-free.

21. UGG slippers

Ultra-comfy, long-lasting, and cute as ever, these UGG slippers are the ultimate comeback for our favorite winter footwear brand. The best part? You’ll find tons of neutral and outrageous color combos, including four variations in pink. 

22. TomCare convertible garden kneeler

Any avid gardeners on your list will love this versatile outdoor stool. It can even function as a handrail when traipsing unruly terrain. 

They may not get to use it until spring, but trust us when we say this thing can be a real lifesaver. Say goodbye to your grandma’s old garden pad. This rough-and-tumble number can do it all.

23. Zapuno laptop table

Have you ever seen a loved one prop their laptop up on a pillow? They might be blocking vital vents. Help them settle in the right way with this foldable table, complete with a cup holder, tablet stand, and a tiny drawer.

24. ALASKA BEAR sleep mask

Thousands of positive reviews can’t be wrong. With this sleep mask, your recipient will enjoy the best night of sleep they’ve ever had. The solution has officially arrived if you know somebody with a couple of noisy roommates.

Its feather-light design blocks out light completely. Molded eye cups prevent pressure from disrupting deep REM sleep, and it comes with soundproof earplugs.

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