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Handheld scanners

Scan a document faster than ever with these portable, handheld scanners

Do you have important documents that need digitizing? It’s easier than ever to scan documents with safety and ease. The solution fits right in the palm of your hand. These portable handheld document scanners make it simple, fast and effective to scan documents. These are our top picks.

ANNCARY portable handheld document scanner

With a comfortable handle and easy operation, you can glide the ANNCARY document scanner across your papers, notices and even photographs without missing a beat. The UI buttons can be difficult to navigate until you get the hang of it.

Store up to 32GB worth of documents and photos in the internal storage capacity of this scanner, so you don’t have to jump between this and your PC over and over again. While the LED screen can be challenging to see, it works well.

Flat scanning photo and document scanner

Need higher resolution scans? This scanner goes up to 900 DPI for high-end quality in your images and documents. Easy recharging and a small interface make it simple to use on everything you need to scan.

This model does tend to run into some issues, and you may need to rescan things. Still, it’s much easier than a full-size scanner. One recurring problem with these small scanners is a dim screen, which this scanner also suffers from.

Epson Workforce portable document scanner for PC and Mac

Epson went ultra minimalistic with this LCD screen, but at least we can see it! You can scan directly to your iOS or Android device, which is underrated in a mobile-first world. But that’s not where the benefits stop.

You can create searchable Word and Excel documents by scanning a paper. This lets you build an entire directory by scanning, so you organize documents automatically by digitizing them. Epson’s quality is unmatched.

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