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gift ideas under 50

From smart clocks to smart locks, these tech gifts cost under $50 and are great for everyone

With Christmas and the rest of the holiday season upon us, it’s time to think long and hard about what’s going under the tree this year. Need some extra money for gifts this year? Tap or click here for ways to earn extra cash this holiday season.

Your friends and family likely already know what they want. We’re always proponents of getting creative for all those little things in between. Why not wow them with something new and unexpected?

Everything on this list is under $50. Which items are you most excited about this year?

1. KeySmart classic compact key holder

Whoever said your physical life shouldn’t be as organized as your digital one? This clever little key organizer instantly transforms any messy set of keys into something sleek, scant and accessible. 

Everything on the ring will be grabbable at a glance. Save your loved ones from fumbling at the doorstep down the line. They don’t need to order custom keys for this one. They can simply use a coin to add everything they have and prepare to be amazed.

2. Revlon one-step hair dryer and styler

This one-step styler is a brand-name all-in-one hair device that leaves nothing to be desired. Those who have little time to get ready in the morning will love that they can detangle, brush, dry, and heat treat their hair without swapping the head. We love the extra wide paddle, perfect for the unruliest mop (speaking from experience!).

If you love Revlon, you’ll find the quality you expect of this cosmetic legend right out of the box. Copycat products just don’t compare.

3. Amazon smart plug

Amazon’s take on a simple smart plug will wow even your parents, in-laws or grandparents. This plug-and-play, Alexa-friendly device allows you to interact with even standard, analog electronic devices hands-free. Turn on anything you plug into it, and save money through its eco-friendly design.

How smart is too smart? There is no such thing, especially regarding the home. We love this pint-sized stocking stuffer. It’s a modest, easy-to-use convenience that’s truly life-changing. Plus, it’s perfect for holiday lights!

4. Freezable wine glasses

Picture this: you’ve got a Secret Santa to shop for, and you end up paired with the hostess with the most-est. What’s more charming than a pair of adorable, freezable wine glasses?

These stylish little numbers are double-walled, high-quality, and can be used for anything from smoothies to juices. This, of course, includes the recipient’s favorite glass of holiday-themed rosé. Party on.

5. Echo Glow

Those with kids on their lists this year will undoubtedly be interested in a multicolor Echo Glow, one of the cutest things in kid’s tech on this list.

Not only are these Echo devices perfectly chic in appearance, but they’re also as smart as your Echo Dot. Use them to set alarms and customize the color they display with the same voice commands.

6. Lenovo smart clock

For the adults, you may need something a bit more rugged, and this Lenovo Smart Clock will not disappoint. It’s the ultimate smart device to wake up to every morning. They can stream and snooze conveniently and hassle-free.

It’s worth noting that this smart clock is also Alexa-compatible. Check the weather, ask about traffic, and listen to the radio in an enviable, masculine style.

7. JBL Clip 4

Can you hear that super bass? We can everywhere we go, all thanks to the JBL Clip 4. Children of the 90s will hearken back to their beloved Hit Clips after one look at this thing. The comparison would not be far off, making this portable music player a nostalgic delight.

With over 10 hours of playtime after a full charge, you can pair this device to your phone, your computer, or anything else playing something you want to hear. It’s so affordable, you might just pick one up for yourself.

8. YETI Rambler

Another one for the outdoor enthusiasts (or the office lurker hoping to stay hydrated at all times!). We love this limited edition stainless steel rambler. It’s easy to clean and built to last.

There is nothing more iconic than a crisp YETI tumbler full of cool, refreshing water. It’s the perfect gift for a friend or your partner, especially if they tend to forget their all-important 64 ounces of daily hydration.

9. Chromecast with Google TV

The gift of entertainment keeps on giving. Make them laugh all year round with their own Chromecast stick with Google TV. It’s a self-optimizing picture delivery device that makes old favorites shine like never before.

Honestly, the ability to browse and stream in 4K is one of the most enticing reasons to snag this for your favorite cinephile. They’re going to be absolutely enthralled.

10. Closca helmet loop

In a slightly quirkier direction, you’ll find this novelty. It’s a collapsible bike helmet that has the potential to make even the most hectic morning cycle or commute an easy, breezy ride.

The helmet breaks down flat enough to stash away in a tiny locker or handbag. This unisex design comes in nearly two dozen beautiful color combinations, so you’re bound to find one that suits your gift recipient swimmingly.

11. Apple AirTag

Can you ever go wrong with an all-time classic? We think not. Apple AirTags are some of the best holiday gifts in tech because they can be used on anything, and we mean anything.

Track your house keys, luggage, and even your kids on vacation. Why not? For the heavyweight, when it comes to secure findability, look no further.

Note: Single AirTags are currently sold out. Pick up a 4-pack and toss one in everyone’s stocking.

12. AERLANG massage gun

We know that this device at first glance appears to be terrifying. Hear us out, though. The AERLANG massage gun will be enough to put your regular masseuse out of business.

With six detachable massage heads, it’s the perfect tool for every knot and strain. Choose up to 20 power settings and a litany of different vibration patterns, all geared toward a more relaxed and composed you.

13. Echo wall clock

We’ll be honest. We think the Echo Wall Clock is stunning. It somehow takes the tech out of something as simple as checking the time. It’s perfect for anywhere in the house dedicated to family time or focusing on minute tasks without unnecessary distractions.

However, this gift should only be something you give to a recipient that already owns an Alexa-compatible device. They’ll need it to operate the clock, which definitely opens up the door to an epic gift bundle, if appropriate.

14. Wyze Light Strip Pro

Wyze Light Strips are tiny LED lights that can be used anywhere in the home. Dark cabinets, dank closets, and the stairs leading to the basement may all be suitable places to apply these smartphone-configurable light strips. 

If you’ve seen TikToks showing you how to turn your room into an EDM light show, you might already be familiar with these. They’re user-friendly and might make an excellent gift for any teens on your list this year.

15. Tile Stackers

These can best be described as Apple AirTags for Android users. A purse, camera, or TV remote are great candidates for their use. Few people on this planet won’t love them once they try them.

Tile Stackers are Bluetooth-driven, water-resistant, and tiny enough to slap onto pretty much anything of value. Save yourself or a loved one the worry of a lost smartphone or any other device, possibly saving thousands in replacement fees.

16. New bed pillows

A great night of sleep is priceless. Do your loved one’s pillows rob them of hours of rest every evening?

It’s a classic conundrum, and most people don’t even realize there’s a problem until they make a change. These stately bed pillows are thick, luscious, and allergen-friendly. They won’t be able to thank you enough.

17. Zojirushi stainless steel mug

What does a Zojirushi tumbler have to offer that a YETI doesn’t? A slightly smaller profile, a larger protective lid, and a fairly substantial selection of color options may be enough to sway you.

We like these because they can be used for hot and cold drinks. They’re BPA-free and have a wide enough mouth for giant ice cubes.

18. Classic Leatherman utility knife

For the handyman in us all, there’s always going to be a Leatherman multitool armed and ready to perform. Snippers, tweezers, screwdrivers, and more mean that your favorite person will never be without what they need, all with one comprehensively incredible utensil.

19. Tamagotchi

This charming relic of the 90s is precisely what most millennials are picturing currently. It’s a tiny, Game Boy-type device that contains a digital pet that needs to be fed and loved daily.

Tamagotchis were extremely popular in their heyday and are currently experiencing a resurgence. Ride the wave with us. Kids will love them, but the adults on your list may also be delighted by their antics.

20. Marpac Dohm classic white noise machine

What can a white noise machine do? Plenty. This natural sound machine is one of the best that we’ve seen. 

If you, your partner, or a loved one has trouble sleeping at night, they may find the relief they need with this thoughtful gift. Ring in the New Year on the right side of the bed. It can make all the difference in the world.

We may receive a commission when you buy through our links, but our reporting and recommendations are always independent and objective.

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