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25 fun gift ideas for your Valentine

Holidays have looked a lot different than normal over the past year. The pandemic has made it difficult to celebrate things like Christmas, Thanksgiving or birthdays due to social distancing.

This Valentine’s Day won’t be any different. The pandemic is still an issue across the nation, and we’re all still trying to stay at home as much as possible to avoid spreading COVID-19. Not sure why the pandemic has made months feel like years? Here’s why.

But while your celebration may not include a fancy night out and drinks at a crowded bar this year, your presents don’t have to be toned down. There are tons of cool gifts you can give your loved ones. From a password-keeping logbook to digital microscopes, here are 25 fun gift ideas for your Valentine.

1. Book to keep track of passwords

2. Beef Jerky Sampler Kit

3. Yoda one for me shirt

4. Three row lasagna pan

5. Docking station

6. Digital microscope for collectors, kids and scientists

7. LED light for her purse

8. Monitor stand

9. Neck massager

10. Stylish functional crossbody bag

11. Levitating globe

12. The best hot sauce ever

13. A candle for when they miss the beach

14. Mini waffle maker

15. Ugg Fluff Yeah slippers to cushion every step

16. Jumbo coffee mugs

17. Coffee infused maple syrup

18. Favorite chips in one box

19. Lightsaber chopsticks

20. Silk pillowcase

21. A nice beard trimmer and shaver

22. Fancy cheese board for at-home date night

23. A heated foot massager

24. Big pack of bath bombs

25. A slim RFID-blocking wallet

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