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Best tech gifts for the whole family

Christmas is coming up, and we all have someone on our list that’s a bit particular, we’ll say. Okay, they’re picky. They either have everything, or there’s nothing that piques their interest.

That’s what this list serves to remedy. This is the best place to start if you’re trying to find out what the picky person on your list needs or wants.

The brother-in-law who plays on the weekends: golf hitting mat

He plays on the weekends after work, but is he getting any better? You can help without calling out his lousy golf form. This mat is designed to stay put, has anti-shock absorption, so it doesn’t go flying when he hits it and even shows a guide for correct swinging. He’ll thank you (maybe not publicly, but he will thank you).

The father who’s always writing things down: Moleskine Pen+

Your dad is always taking down notes, but he’s scrambling to find them later. You can only stack so many sticky notes before you start to lose them. The Moleskine Pen+ actively digitizes analog notes in real-time as they are written, so they’ll be archived and ready to review later.

The niece who doesn’t know what she wants: Base Kit computer coding for kids

There should be more women in STEM fields, and this could be the moment you help your niece discover that’s where she wants to be one day. This Base Kit teaches children the ins and outs of computer coding and how it interacts with physical electronics.

It’s designed for children eight through 12, though it can be used as an introduction for almost any age group.

The caffeine-addicted girlfriend or fiancé: Ninja DualBrew Pro

We all love coffee, but some people love coffee more than others. If you can smell the pot of java brewing before your feet hit the floor in the morning and you’re met with a chipper girlfriend or fiancé with a mug in their hands, this is what they need. The ability to make even better coffee!

The sister with a demanding job: Foot Spa foot massager with tea tree oil

Your sister works hard to pay the bills. She deserves some time off and relaxation, even if she can’t escape the daily grind. The Foot Spa massager is a cost-effective way to deliver warm comfort and relaxation without wasting time. She’s busy, but she can take a break now and again with this.

The mom who doesn’t ask for anything, but you know she wants something: Shiatsu warming neck massager

Your mom brought you into this world, and she’s tired. She’s done so much and doesn’t ask for anything, so why not give her a gift that no human can deny? Relaxation. With 4D heating and deep tissue massaging, she’ll melt away into a new world of comfort.

The teen who wants to be left alone while they game or listen to music: Soundcore Anker Life Q20 noise-canceling headphones

Let’s face it: nobody wants to be interrupted while they listen to music. Your teen may be deep in homework, a gaming session or just want to get some early rest. Anker’s headphones play music and help with active noise cancellation, so they can choose how they want to enjoy their downtime.

The grandfather who loves his family more than anything: Anna Bella 10.1” digital photo frame w/ Wi-Fi

Your grandfather built a legacy by being at the helm of your family tree. He deserves the ability to celebrate that by viewing his lineage play out in real time on this digital photo frame. It can be connected to Wi-Fi or utilize 16 GB of internal storage to store photos, so he doesn’t have to pick between his favorite memories.

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