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Gift guide: The best streaming devices and smart TVs

Are you ready to get the latest and greatest streaming TVs and gadgets? If it’s been a while since your last television and streaming device update, you may be surprised at how many new features, channels, apps and more are available.

We’ve looked into tons of this year’s tech, and we found 10 great products to choose from for an improved streaming system. Access more of your favorite content on bigger screens, smaller streaming sticks and more.

Here’s our list of 10 streaming TVs and devices that will blow your old tech out of the water.

1. Tiny but mighty

2. Long-range streaming

3. Perfect for the bedroom or living room

4. All in one

5. For the Apple lover

6. One Fire TV stick to rule them all?

7. Is your TV smart?

8. Cute and durable

9. A simple solution

10. High performance all day long

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