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15 gag gifts and fun presents to make anyone on your list laugh

Are you struggling to find the perfect gift for that White Elephant exchange? How about an office exchange? Maybe you want to prank someone before giving them their true gift and you’ve run out of funny ideas.

Well, you’re in luck because we’ve found 15 fun gifts to choose from. They’re perfect as stocking stuffers, precursors to real presents and more.

Here are 15 fun and hilarious gag gifts guaranteed to throw people for a loop.

1. Leave 'em scratching their heads

2. Listen in style

3. Hide another gift inside

4. So pretty!

5. Saves time

6. Looks cool, right?

7. Great for the kiddos

8. This one is pretty cool

9. Ch-ch-ch-chia

10. Perfect for the diver in your life

11. Light up the night

12. Bring some fun to your friend group

13. Get comfortable

14. It can save a life

15. When in doubt, sing a song

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