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color and learn U.S. map

A fun and screen-free way to teach your kids the U.S. map

There’s a ton of competition for your kids’ attention between colorful apps and fast-paced cartoons. Sometimes, it can be downright challenging to tear them away from the screen. Luckily, many creative activities don’t require an internet connection.

Take coloring, for example. Sure, you can set down a small coloring book with Disney princes and princesses. Or you can also start a conversation with a large, collaborative coloring map.

If you want a collaborative activity, try this U.S. Map Tablecloth. Everyone in the family can pitch in, chatting about the country you all live in while having fun. It’s an educational gift that will teach them about different places in the world.

Build curiosity, knowledge and creativity – all at once

Teaching kids about abstract concepts like states and countries can be tricky. If you just present words, they might feel like they’re sitting through a lecture. Soon, their eyes will glaze over, and they’ll start fantasizing about Paw Patrol.

Instead, try to tickle their creative side by having fun. This colorful table cloth is an engaging gift that introduces them to the concept of geography in an easy, approachable manner.

It’s 50 inches by 33 inches, which means there’s a lot of space for you and the little ones to explore the states. Made of 100% cotton, it features all the states, along with the capitals, birds, flowers and animals.

Promising review:Quarantine? Rainy weather? Need five minutes of peace to work? World map to the rescue! All four of my children, ages 1.5-11, enjoy this very much. The fabric is hemmed well and will take ages of hard play before beginning to show wear and tear.”

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