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Father’s Day gifts aren’t the easiest to buy. After all, you’re trying to show dad how much he means to you and that’ll take more than just a simple present — right?

Well, not necessarily. Fathers know how much we love them. The gift is more of a formality, so don’t stress. Instead, take your time to think about what kind of interests he has. Get dear old dad a gift that makes sense in relation to his hobbies, and it’ll be just fine.

Still not sure where to start? We’ve got 15 perfect gift ideas he’ll love this Father’s Day.

1. For the foodie

2. For the stylish dad

3. For the dad on the go

4. For the home chefs

5. For the dad who works out

6. For the nostalgic father

7. For the big spender

8. For the griller

9. For the busy dad

10. For the hard worker

11. For the lols

12. For the outdoor dad

13. For the traveling dad

14. For messy dads

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