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Protect your body and data with these 15 essential safety and protection products on Amazon

15 essential items to protect your body and data from physical and cyber attacks

When is the last time you stocked up on items to protect yourself? Maybe it’s been a while since you thought about how you protect your devices, information and body. Upgrade your security setup and protect your body and data at once with these 15 must-haves.

The reality is that there are threats all around you, and you can never be too prepared for what’s lurking in the shadows. Whether it’s a cybercriminal looking for your personal information on the web or a thief in a packed subway car, you need to take steps to protect yourself. Cyberattacks are increasing, so make sure you take these five steps now to keep yourself safe.

Fortunately, there are lots of handy, inexpensive items that can help you do that. If you’re not sure where to start, the 15 essential items below will help you protect your body and data from physical and cyber attacks.

1. RFID blocking sleeves

2. Or a super affordable RFID-blocking leather wallet

3. This body cam will protect your body and data

4. If you’re going to use a USB flash drive, make sure it’s this one

5. Or this one you unlock with your fingerprint

6. Protect your data when you’re charging away from home

7. Self-defense keychain keeps your body and data safe

8. 130dB keychain alarm

9. Stun gun with a handy flashlight built right in

10. 1TB secure encrypted hard drive will protect your body and data

11. This Mic-Lock secures your microphone input to keep spies out

12. It’s a book safe, but with real pages

13. Protect your body and data with this portable door lock

14. It’s a clock, but also a hidden wall safe

15. Give hackers a hard time

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