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electric ratchet sets

Best cordless electric ratchet sets and how they can replace all your wrenches

You have a big task ahead, but you don’t have the tools to handle it. Electric ratchet sets save time, strain and headaches. These sets provide excellent RPM, torque and overall power without leaving your wallet feeling cold. Here are our top picks.

KIMO electric cordless ratchet set

KIMO gives you the tool, the heads and a durable case to keep all of it in. With a powerful 400 RPM motor that runs on the included 12V battery pack, there isn’t any task you can’t tackle around the house or garage. If you’re sick of running out of battery juice halfway through a session, don’t worry.

You also get two batteries with this KIMO kit. Each is designed to last 1,000 charging cycles, giving you roughly six years of use if you somehow burn through the battery every 24H. This is lightweight 12V power that other brands have difficulty pulling off.

AOBEN 12V electric ratchet set

Nobody wants to lose power halfway through a task. That’s why AOBEN includes two batteries in this reasonably priced pack and a powerful 280 RPM motor. While AOBEN’s kit doesn’t punch up to the same strength as KIMO or Youngfin on our list, how much do you really need for the task?

With AOBEN, you can save money, only get the pieces in your electric ratchet set that you need and rest easy with a 100% money-back satisfaction guarantee. This is perfect for use around the house and light automobile repairs without requiring too much power.

Youngfin electric ratchet set

Let’s improve that visibility while you work. Youngfin has a built-in LED light that helps illuminate whatever you’re working on, so you don’t have to ask someone to hold a flashlight overhead. With 40 pounds of torque and up to 400 RPM worth of power, it’s built to tackle challenging tasks around the house and garage easily.

You get two batteries, but Youngfin didn’t take the top spot on this list because the charging deck takes quite a while to recharge the batteries. It gets the job done, just slowly. You get a set of ratchet heads and a carrying case as well.

We may receive a commission when you buy through our links, but our reporting and recommendations are always independent and objective.

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