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The best puzzles and toys to get your dog’s mind working

Dogs love their humans unconditionally. You can see it in their eyes as they gaze up at you and in the excited wag of their tails. Since the average lifespan of your furry friend is only about a decade, don’t you owe them the best life has to offer?

Fido needs more than just daily walks, all the scratches and basic necessities — your dog also needs puzzles to keep its mind sharp and toys to keep its teeth away from your furniture, shoes and pillows. But with so many products on the market, which are the best for your pet?

Here are eight of the most tantalizing doggie toys and puzzles that promise to keep your pup entertained. Whether you’re playing with your fur baby, they’re playing with other dogs or just having fun while you’re away, these playthings are worth every penny.

1. Slow it down!

2. Where'd it go?

3. Better hide this one at night

4. Snack time

5. Clean those teeth

6. Your best friend's best friend

7. For the smarty pants

8. For the chewer

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