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discounted gardening products

Grab these 8 discounted gardening supplies to freshen up your yard this spring

Despite being the first week of spring, snow still lingers on fields and hills in some states, hiding the promise of blooming flowers. But don’t wait until the sun melts the snow away to think about your garden. Take advantage of discounted gardening supplies and stock up your shed for the coming season. Before winter fully flees, make sure you are well-prepared to give your lawn and garden the care they deserve.

1. Affordable adjustable gardening apron (24% off)

You don’t want to lug your gardening tools around in a huge, heavy box. Keep only what you need in this nifty gardening apron. Not a fan of mint green? You can also buy it in light or dark grey, pink, black, brown, black, khaki or navy.

Its huge pockets have ample room for all the necessary tools, from pruners to your smartphone. Its thick canvas protects your clothes from all the dirt and leaves you’ll be digging up.

2. Get everything you need to spruce up your yard (11% off)

Are you the type of person who buys tools as you need them? Maybe you think you’re being cost-efficient, but it’s much cheaper to buy a set of tools ahead of time.

With this cost-effective set of gardening tools, you get pruners, bamboo gloves, a garden note and other lightweight aluminum hand tools with soft rubber handles. Oh, and you’ll also get a high-density comfort knee pad. No more popping knees or groaning in pain when you stand up after playing in the dirt!

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3. Make life easier with this discounted garden cart (22% off)

You need a cart with large wheels and a heavy load capacity when walking around uneven terrain. This helpful tool can transport your plants and tools, so you don’t have to carry them by hand on multiple trips.

4. Grow your bonsai tree (55% off)

Plant four bonsai trees and watch them grow — all while knowing you saved $18 on this unique gardening kit. If you want to spruce up the inside of your home as well as the outside, this is perfect.

This set includes four types of bonsai seeds, four burlap growing pots, an expanding soil disk, bamboo plant markers, a bonsai clipper and an in-depth instruction booklet.

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5. Bye, bye, mosquitos (16% off)

Turn it on. Mosquitos are gone! That’s what Thermacell promises about its highly-rated patio shield. This bad boy makes a 15-foot zone of protection against those nasty bloodsucking buzzers.

You don’t have to worry about messy cords or batteries since it’s heat activated and powered by a 12-hour fuel cartridge that comes with. It’s a practical way to free yourself from nasty DEET sprays, lotions on your skin or harsh citronella smell.

6. Grow indoors with a cheap hydroponic system (25% off)

Maybe you live in an area with poor soil. Or perhaps you have such a green thumb that every last inch of your garden is teeming with life. Either way, you can grow various plants indoors with a hydroponics growing system.

This setup has an LED grow light, so you don’t have to put it near a window. It also comes with a plant germination kit, a built-in fan and an automatic timer. It does all the hard work, so you don’t have to. You can kick back and enjoy the fruits of your labor. Literally!

7. Water you waiting for? (15% off)

Do you love sitting outside at night? Light up your garden with this decorative watering can. This cute lamp pulls double duty: Not only is it garden art, but it also fills your garden with light so you can enjoy your flowers and plants throughout the evening.

8. Come out of your shell with this adorable turtle (42% off)

Here’s another solar solution that can brighten up your yard. This outdoor turtle has built-in succulent plants that light up with seven LED lights. Put it on your patio, balcony, yard or lawn for a bright and easy-to-use decoration.

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