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20 things to cure your winter blues

Gray, cold winter days can be tough to get through in a normal year. This year isn’t like other years, though. We’re dealing with a ton of pandemic and political issues right now, too.

If you’re feeling blue, you’re not alone. Tons of Americans are dealing with the winter blues — and the isolation from social distancing likely isn’t helping much. Feeling anxious or depressed? These five apps can help.

While we can’t cure your seasonal depression, the products below might be able to help elevate your mood. This list of items can help you warm up inside and out. With their help, you may even gain some appreciation for the snow that’s falling outside.

1. Make a delicious homemade latte to start the day

2. Get some sun even on gray days with this compact lamp

3. Warm up at night with this nice whiskey set

4. Take some winter wonderland pictures with an affordable drone

5. Have a good laugh watching your pet chase a laser

6. Put your phone down and take on these fun brain teasers

7. Clear your windshield the easy way with the No. 1 best-selling ice scraper

8. See more of your loved ones with an Echo Show

9. Keep your morning tea warm with this cup with a lid

10. Put on some cozy socks to keep your toes warm

11. Use the same toothpaste Kim does for white teeth

12. See what you’re grilling for dinner, even when the sun sets at 5 p.m.

13. Relax with a hot shower and one of these soothing shower melts

14. Breathe easier in dry winter air with a humidifier (your skin will thank you, too)

15. Upgrade your car with comfy seat warmers

16. Use a fabric shaver to get the pills off your favorite sweater

17. Make some comfort food the easy way with a Crock-Pot

18. Forget the lighter fluid and use a rechargeable candle lighter

19. Kim uses these natural pills to get a good night’s sleep

20. Snuggle up on the couch with a heated electric blanket

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