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15 crowd-pleasing gifts topping wish lists this year

Many people are choosing to stay home for the holidays, which means they’re investing in fun or helpful tech to ward off boredom. If you can’t figure out what to buy them this Christmas, try a few of our favorite gift ideas.

We know how hard it can be to narrow down your choices — especially with so many sales going on. But don’t worry, we did all the digging for you.

Here are 15 perfect gifts to use around the home.

1. For the Baker

2. For the workaholic

3. For the chef

4. For the influencer

5. For the health nut

6. For the person with bad circulation

7. For the interior decorator

8. For the host or hostess

9. For the student

10. For the fashion guru

11. For the germaphobe

12. For the insomniac

13. For the pet lover

14. For the craft lover

15. For the stressed out friend

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