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Keep your COVID vaccine card safe with a holder – A 5-pack is $6 right now

You probably went through a lot to get your COVID-19 vaccination card. You researched vaccine distribution spots, drove down to the location and braved the needle. If you went early on in the pandemic, you might have struggled to make an appointment due to high demand.

After putting in all that effort, you finally got your vaccination card. You might have just slipped your prize into your wallet with no protection. We don’t recommend that, because it could get stolen or damaged. Tap or click here to store your COVID vaccine card on your smartphone.

Although you can use an app to prove your vaccination status, you should also protect the original paper card. It’s a vital backup that could be used to record a booster shot in the future or even allow you into hotels, restaurants or theme parks.

Luckily, there’s a cheap way to keep your card safe

You might think it’s OK to slip your card into your wallet. But paper tears easily. Without protection, your card is the opposite of durable.

You could laminate your card, but that can be costly. A more affordable way to protect your physical card is to slip it into an inexpensive cardholder.

By using a clear plastic sleeve, you’re doing two things. First, you’re keeping it safe. Second, you’re making it easy to remove if you need to add updates later on.

If you’re ever stopped at an event and asked to show proof of vaccination, you can whip out your protected card. Since the holder is made of clear plastic, you don’t have to worry about damaging it. Plus, you can attach the holder to a lanyard to wear around your neck or a clip you can connect to your belt.

These protectors are durable. They’re resistant to wear and corrosion. The resealable zipper keeps your card dry. Plus, it can even protect your card from water spills.

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