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Your morning coffee will never go cold again with these mug warmers for your desk

You left your coffee on the edge of the desk and let it run cold again, didn’t you? It happens to the best of us, but it’s time to stop sacrificing your morning pick-me-up. These coffee mug warming plates help keep your brew at the optimal temperature, so even if you get lost in your work or scrolling Komando articles (wink-wink), your coffee will be perfect every time you reach for it. These are our top picks.

Wenvinda coffee mug warming plate for your desk

Wenvinda has a mix of the best features you could ever want in a mug warmer. First and foremost, there are six timer settings in two-hour intervals. You never have to worry about wasting power since it will shut off automatically. While Oracer introduces a better auto shutoff later in this list, Wenvinda is still on the right track.

Add three separate temperature settings and a digital temp gauge, and this mug warmer is a complete package. You also get a silicone mug cover in the box to help keep your coffee warmer for longer.

Oracer auto shutoff coffee mug warmer

You want a warm mug of coffee within arm’s reach at all times, but you don’t want to waste power. Thankfully, Oracer has an automatic shutoff that kills the power after eight hours of continuous use or within five minutes of detecting no weight (mug) on the plate.

Beyond the tremendous power-saving capabilities, Oracer added a ring outside the warming plate to help keep your mug in place. It won’t slide and knock onto your desk from simple movements.

KIN electric coffee mug warming plate

Sometimes heating the mug isn’t enough to warm your coffee. While KIN includes three settings on this warmer, it can’t account for how thick your mug may be. That’s why it includes a silicone lid that fits many different mug sizes.

Plug in this low-energy plate and cycle through each setting by tapping the main button on the front. The visual indicator lets you know it’s on, so you won’t waste power when your morning cup is down to the last sip.

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