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20 clever, inexpensive products that fix problems quickly

No matter how careful you are, issues with dirt, grime or funk will pop up from time to time. Cars get dirty, sinks get stained and cords for computers and other devices get tangled. It’s just part of life.

The problem is that it’s easy to spot little issues like these in our homes or offices now that we’re spending more time indoors. The pandemic has made those wall scuffs and stained sinks more apparent — and they can quickly become a sore spot.

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While most of these problems are minor, we don’t always have a quick fix for them. Luckily, the products on this list can fix those problems quickly. From a K-cup that cleans the gunk out of your coffee maker to anti-vibration appliance pads, check them out now.

1. Tidy up all your cables in one sleeve

2. A K-Cup that cleans the gunk out of your coffee maker

3. Make your cooktop look new again

4. Washer or dryer make noises? You need these anti-vibration pads

5. Little or no eyebrows? This kit fixes them in a jiffy

6. LED dimming stickers get rid of the annoying lights

7. Make your plants look amazing

8. Always losing screws? Strap this on

9. Clean up your screens without damaging them

10. When’s the last time you cleaned the inside of your dishwasher? I thought so.

11. Deep clean dusty electronics

12. Your cutting boards will look like new

13. Erase scruffs and worn spots on your leather couch

14. Get out the gunk in your jet tub in a flash

15. Fix marks in your walls the easy way

16. Remove nasty rust stains so it looks new

17. Touching up paint has never been easier

18. Tired of things falling between the stove and counter?

19. Sharpen those dull kitchen knives in seconds

20. Save some space with this minimalist RFID-blocking wallet

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