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12 affordable things to keep your electronics clean and organized

Tech gadgets make our lives a lot easier, but they come with a high price tag. The average smartphone cost nearly $600 in 2020, and as you’re well aware, the price tag can only go up from there.

Given the high cost of gadgets, it’s important to keep them in good shape. Updating software or firmware, protecting your device from hacking and malware and other preemptive measures can help you do that. Using a good antivirus software program can also help protect your expensive laptop or computer.

Protecting your computer or phone’s internal components isn’t the only way to prolong its life. You need to keep the exterior in good shape, too. If you’re not sure how to do that, these 12 affordable products will help out. From streak-free electronics wipes to organizers and cord ties, these products are what you need to keep your devices clean and organized.

1. My favorite streak-free electronics wipes

2. Or use this spray and a microfiber cloth

3. Squishy gel that gets all the crumbs out of your keyboard

4. Or try this keyboard deep cleaning kit

5. Don’t forget old reliable, a can of compressed air

6. A UV sanitizer for your phone and anything else that fits inside

7. A set of brushes to get dust out of all your electronics

8. Clean up your cords with reusable cable ties

9. Then store all your extra cables in this tidy case

10. DSLR cameras need extra care. This kit gets the job done.

11. I protect my desk with this affordable faux leather mat

12. Our News Director, Ben, protects his desks with a flashier mat

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