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Start your Christmas shopping early with these Amazon holiday deals

Most of us have only just started our holiday shopping for the year. Amazon Prime Day was a great kick-off to the Christmas shopping madness, but there’s still plenty that needs to be purchased.

You can start even earlier than normal this year thanks to Amazon. The retail giant recently rolled out some awesome holiday deals — right on the heels of Prime Day. Not sure what devices are worth a splurge for Christmas? This tech guide can help you determine which gadgets are worth the money.

Thinking of buying some new wireless earbuds for the workout fanatic in your home? Need a great gift for mom and dad? There are tons of discounted options to choose from in the Holiday Deals section on Amazon. Here are some ideas to get you started on your shopping spree.

1. Improve your sleep and wake up with more energy by using this light therapy alarm clock.

Nobody likes to be jolted awake with a loud, obnoxious alarm. If you hate being woken up by loud buzzing or clanging, this Philips SmartSleep HF3500/60 Wake-Up Light Therapy Alarm Clock with Sunrise Simulation is a solution to your problems — and it’s on sale for about 20% off right now.

Rather than using annoying alarms, this alarm clock wakes you up with gradually increasing brightness that gets brighter over a 30-minute period. It was inspired by the naturally bright light from sunrise, and it helps your body wake up naturally and comfortably. No more irritating beeping. Just soothing light.

Promising review: “Like many others I just wanted this for the wake up light, not the alarm or clock face. I always use my phone for my alarm and didn’t want the beeping sound of the Philips wake up light to wake me up so I set my phone alarm to go off two minutes before the clock alarm. This makes it so the wake up light is already at full brightness, I wake up to the sounds I want, and all I have to do is reach over and click the alarm button (which deactivates the Philips’ alarm before it goes off but keeps the light on).” — Amazon reviewer

2. Amazon’s brands actually make some cool, affordable furniture and accessories. You can get them for up to 15% off right now.

Amazon has done an awesome job with its furniture and accessory line, and you can snag a ton of these items at a steal right now. You’ll find tons of different household furniture items up to 15% off — from cool, mid-century modern inspired chairs (pictured below) to planters and couches. It’s a great time to add those accent pieces you’ve been eying all year.

Promising review: “They were easy to put together, have a nice weight to them, look far more expensive than they were, and are comfortable. They are great for those who prefer to sit up straight in a chair and not have too much of an angle to the back of the seat.” — Amazon reviewer

3. Frame TVs are seriously cool. They look like a piece of art on the wall.

TV designs have come a long way. You have tons of options to fit your room now, including these awesome Samsung Lifestyle TVs, which are so cool. These TVs look like framed art — not televisions — and they’re on sale right now for 20% off. You can use them to showcase your artwork or photos, or you can watch TV, movies, or stream whatever content you want via the built-in streaming capabilities.

Promising review: “It may not entirely fool you into thinking it’s a piece of framed art and not a TV, but regardless, it looks 100 times better above a fireplace than a big conspicuous wall mounted TV. It was expensive but worth it. I love that it has Apple TV built in as an app too!” — Amazon reviewer

4. No fireplace? No problem. Stay warm as the weather gets colder with this compact fireplace stove.

Installing a new fireplace can be a huge — and expensive — hassle. You don’t have to do that to stay warm this winter, though. This TURBRO Suburbs TS20 Electric Fireplace Infrared Heater is a great alternative.

This electric fireplace puts off plenty of heat and helps create an enchanting fireside environment without the mess and smoke of a real fire. The vintage design fits well with any decor, and you’ll feel like you’re sitting by a warm fireplace thanks to the flame effects. Want the look of a fire without the heat? Well, the flame effects can be turned on separately from the heat to help you set the mood.

Promising review:Cute little fireplace for my bedroom when everyone else is warm and I am cold. The review about difficulty attaching the legs was accurate. I needed a screwdriver with a really long handle. Yes, the logs are made from cheap plastic, but it still looks cute. I love it!” — Amazon reviewer

5. Save big on frames for gifting photos of you and the family.

Looking for a gift for the grandparents? There are tons of home decor and artwork frames on sale for 15% off right now. These frames are the perfect solution for gifting photos of you and the family to your relatives. They’ll love the personal touch!

Promising review: “Frames were well-packaged and in perfect condition. You have the option of setting them up or hanging, which is very nice. All mats were well-cut and had clean lines. The frames themselves are solid and well put together. Wedding photos went into this set and are grouped nicely on the wall. They definitely look more expensive than they were. Highly recommend!” — Amazon reviewer

6. Bring premium sound to your home theater with this sound bar and subwoofer that packs deep bass.

Have a good friend who’s an audiophile? This Polk Audio Signa S2 Ultra-Slim TV Sound Bar with Wireless Subwoofer is on sale on Amazon right now, and it’s a killer gift for just about anyone.

Dolby Digital decoding creates incredible room-filling surround sound, and it’s compatible with 4K and HDTVs, too. It can be used to stream music, add immersive sound to movies, or create the perfect home theater. Only problem? You’re going to want to keep it for yourself, so maybe snag two while they’re on sale.

Promising review: “Just bought this system for Christmas gift for my dad. It arrived earlier this week and I wasn’t supposed to receive the soundbar until later next week. I tested the system to make sure is all worked with our TV and set up. We currently own a Sanyo soundbar and this destroys that soundbar in terms of sound quality and overall simplicity to use. I’ve heard Samsung soundbar and LG’s soundbar and this outperforms both.” — Amazon reviewer

7. Why just buy a laptop or a tablet when you can have both? Microsoft’s Surface Pro X is packed with LTE connectivity, a fast processor and 8GB RAM to handle anything you throw at it.

Been tossing around the idea of buying your kids or significant other a new laptop? Well, this Microsoft Surface Pro X is available at an awesome price right now — and it’s a great little device.

The new slim and sleek Surface Pro X combines the best features of a laptop and tablet into one device. You’ll get an edge-to-edge 13-inch touchscreen and amazing graphics, plus blazing-fast LTE connectivity. It comes with plenty of RAM and a fast processor that can handle almost anything. It’s a great gift for the important people in your life — especially at this price.

Promising review: “I got my Surface Pro X from Windows Store and I am beyond impressed. It’s always on so it starts the second I open it. The battery life is insane it just keeps on going for two days without a problem. Comparing it to my Surface Pro 6 with Intel i5 this thing is super faster. Some apps are not working but emulation is on point. It’s super cool to be able to connect two 4k monitors without noticing a difference in performance. I just read that Microsoft is working on 64bit app emulation which should close the gap completely. I am in love with the new firm factor. Can’t wait for more from Surface. My kids each want one just like mine. I’ll be broke for Christmas.” — Amazon reviewer

8. This portable charger is the perfect stocking stuffer for everyone.

It’s tough to find good stocking stuffers, especially as the kids get older. This Anker Portable Charger, PowerCore Essential 20000mAh Power Bank is a solid choice, though — and it’s perfect for everyone in your household. It’s super portable, travel-friendly, and boasts a huge 20,000mAh capacity. It can keep multiple devices topped up for days and even supports multiple USB charging.

Promising review: “I’ve used Anker products for a long time now, everything from their cables, hubs, chargers and battery packs. I needed a new battery pack to take with me on long road trips and the occasional hiking and camping trip and this Power Bank has been great so far. It’s even smaller than my Anker PowerCore+ 20100 bank!” — Amazon reviewer

9. Bake just about anything you can think of with this 6-piece set.

Have a baker in your family? This Calphalon Nonstick Bakeware Set is on sale right now on Amazon, and it’s a great gift option for the baking fanatic on your list.

Each of the six pieces in this set is made with a heavy-gauge steel core that won’t warp and heats evenly without hot spots. That means cookies and cakes come out of the oven perfectly and evenly browned. As an added bonus, it comes with any shape or size of baking pan necessary to make kitchen masterpieces.

Promising review: “A nice set for a good price. We had an assortment of baking pans from our many years of marriage. We had never bought a complete “set” and only purchased a piece here and there. I thought it was time to get a complete set. My wife loves the set and has baked repeatedly in them from pies, to muffins to brownies.” — Amazon reviewer

10. Add a little sound to your workout with these sweatproof wireless headphones from Anker, now more than half off its original price.

Workout guru in the family? These Anker Soundcore Spirit Pro Wireless Headphones are more than half-off right now, and they’re a great gift idea for the fitness fanatics in your home.

Not only are these wireless headphones sweatproof, but they also automatically adjust to the intensity of your music, too. They come with multiple ear tips, an 18-month warranty, and tons of battery power. One charge is enough to last for 10 hours of play time.

Promising review: “These headphones are excellent, especially when you consider the modest price tag. Ticks all the quality boxes: great sound, battery life as advertised, good fit and customizations.” — Amazon reviewer

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