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Amazon phone stands

Cellphone stands to protect and charge your phone while you’re at your desk

You sit down at your desk and plop down your phone. You either scratched up the desk or your camera lens. Ever reached for your mouse and knocked your phone to the floor? We’re trying to say that there are many reasons to get a proper stand for your phone on your desk. Headphones, tablets and laptops have their stands, so why shouldn’t your phone? Here are our favorite no-nonsense phone holders.

Adjustable height and angle phone stand, by Klsniur

Do texts pop up during work that you need to read? This stand offers a flexible arm to position your phone in any orientation you want. It can be within reach and still off your desktop.

You can easily manipulate the stand arm with durable and relatively heavy material. An EVA foam bottom provides decent traction on your desk, though it’s not perfect. If you need to view your phone while you work, this is the ticket.

Lamicall adjustable cellphone stand for desktops

It’s about as simple as you can get for a phone stand. Set your phone on the rest, then tilt it back as much as you want for your ideal texting angle. With a sturdy hinge, it’s easy enough to move but stiff enough that it stays in place where you want it to.

The body is made of aluminum, giving you significant weight so that your phone stand doesn’t tumble down from sharp angles. It’s inexpensive and comes in over seven colors so that you can match it to your current PC setup.

OMOTON aluminum phone dock holder

Want to pivot the top of the stand entirely? OMOTON’s aluminum phone dock is highly malleable, weighted and keeps your phone sturdily in place. The back of this stand has an anti-skid silicone pad that keeps your phone right where you want it, even if you’re a little heavy-handed when you text.

There are an additional two miniature silicone pads that grab onto the bottom of your phone. Even if you have a relatively heavy phone case, you don’t have to worry about your phone tipping over with OMOTON.

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