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Tidy your tech: Best cable organization and cord management options

Everyone seems to own laptops, smartphones, desktop computers, Internet of Things devices and so much more. It’s great to be connected, but what isn’t great is all those tangled cords.

Thankfully, there are tons of organizing tools to choose from. Whether you want to hide those cables swinging from your TV or move the wires out of your way on your computer desk, we’ve got the right organizers for you.

Not sure which brands to go with? Look no further. Here are some amazing cable organization and management options to choose from.

1. Protect and defend

2. Keep it together

3. Never confuse your cords again

4. Customize while you organize

5. Nestle those cords close together

6. When you need a little flexibility

7. Discreet and convenient

8. Don't forget outdoor cables

9. For the big cords

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