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For about $10, you can finally clean up your messy cords and cables

The Internet of Things has made modern life incredibly convenient — but it has also made life super messy. Just take a peek under your workstation or around your TV. You probably have a ton of wires winding around your floors, cluttering up the place in a jumbled mess.

Looking at the tangled mess of cords, cables and wires can totally throw off your sense of feng shui. Luckily, there are a few organizing tools that can whip the eyesore into shape. If you want to hide the cables swinging from your desktop computer or move your charging cables from your desk, we’ve got you covered.

This all-in-one solution comes with all the tools you need. It comes with 35 pieces, all of which are specifically tailored to manage your cables. Plus, it’s easy to set up and a breeze to reuse.

This kit comes with:

  • Five 16-foot adhesive ties
  • Four expandable braided cable sleeves
  • 10 mini adhesive ties
  • 16 cable clip holders

It’s not only great for wire binding. You can also use the tools in this kit for clothing storage, poster finishing, book sorting and more. It’s the perfect way to clean up your office, home, school or any other place you can imagine.

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