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These simple desk-mounted cable conduits save so much hassle

Nothing is as frustrating as a mess of cables running across your desk. Your phone charger, mouse cable and keyboard wire take up lots of desk real estate. That’s why cable conduits exist. These inexpensive add-ons make it fast and simple to organize your wires with clips and desk attachments. These are our top picks.

INCHOR white cable clips and conduit for desk

Have an office with Apple products and other off-white electronics? This cable conduit adds to the aesthetic while keeping your wires clipped and organized. You get two separate hubs in your purchase, each of which can hold up to five narrow cables without damaging them.

While lightweight, the adhesive pads attach to your desk for added firmness. Your wires won’t pull this off the desk unless you seriously tug on them. Wait 24 hours after applying one of these to your desk, and you’re ready to go.

SOULWIT cable clips and cable organizers

Have a ton of wires you need to worry about? SOULWIT gives you three separate hubs in one pack, each of which easily holds up to seven narrow wires. These work great for anyone who repairs PCs and phones or has multiple cameras they need to pull photographs from.

SOULWIT gives you flexibility and more clips than most other bundles we found. The adhesive strips help keep these on the desk. Just be careful not to pull too hard, especially when it’s completely loaded with wires.

ENVISIONED weighted cable conduit and organizer

You’re worried about your wires pulling your conduit off the desk. We understand exactly what you’re talking about. ENVISIONED made this conduit with a nice weighted bottom to stay rock solid on your desk and withstand tension from multiple hanging cables.

With seven cable clips built-in, you can manage every wire on your desk without thinking twice. The center conduit allows you to hang thicker cables. While this is pricier, the soft touch material doesn’t damage your wires and is much more pleasant to interact with than hard plastic.

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