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Sick of spotty internet? The best Wi-Fi extenders and where to place them

Did you know spotty Wi-Fi in your home can be the result of bad router placement or too many connected devices? If you have concrete, masonry, thick timber walls or metal objects near your router, that can also impede your signal.

But that’s not all. If your home is located too far from your service provider’s nearest internet tower, you can receive a spotty connection. Another reason can be out-of-date routers and network drivers. Tap or click here to update your router.

If you own a large home, your spotty internet can be the result of too much square footage. Most routers only have a reach of about 150 feet, so if yours is located in your office but the bedroom is more than 150 feet away, you might want to invest in a Wi-Fi extender.

The good, the bad and the deals

Wi-Fi extenders are nifty little gadgets that do exactly what their names imply — extend the reach of your Wi-Fi signal. But using Wi-Fi extenders isn’t necessarily as simple as plugging them in and magically having a perfect connection from every corner of your home.

The trouble with Wi-Fi extenders is probably what prompted the following question from one of Kim’s radio listeners: “Do Wi-Fi extenders work and, if so, where is the best place to put them in your home — and do you have a good mid-price recommendation?” – Mike in Texas.

Well Mike in Texas, we’ve got great news. Wi-Fi extenders do work, and the best place to put them is a location between your router and the dead spaces in your home. You may have to test different areas to find the best placement at first, but once you find that sweet spot, you’re good to go.

When using Wi-Fi extenders, they create a second network you need to connect to, which can affect your bandwidth. This means you will have slower internet at the edges of your home. A good fix is to upgrade your internet plan so you have lightning speeds near your router and great speeds elsewhere. Tap or click here to test your Wi-Fi speed.

Now that you know Wi-Fi extenders work, and where you should place them, here are a few great mid-priced recommendations.

1. Perfect for the family

2. Discrete and powerful

3. Small but strong

4. Fast and easy to use

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