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Best water flossers
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Best water flossers for better, easier dental hygiene in your home

Flossing is important. We all know that. We didn’t understand until recently that it’s never been enough. Not until water flossers hit the market. Water flossing uses slight pressure and water flow to remove bacteria, stuck-on food, and plaque between your teeth. When you think of water flossers, Waterpik probably comes to mind. That brand can be expensive, so we found a few others that work just as well and won’t break the bank. These are our top picks to improve your dental health.

Nicwell four-mode dental irrigator and water flosser

Nicwell made this water flosser completely waterproof (which is something we should assume, but you always want to make sure). With an IPX7 waterproof rating for its battery, you can get messy without destroying the flosser.

Use multiple jet tips and a variety of pressure modes to contour your water flossing style with your dental hygiene needs. With a sizable water tank and plenty of power to pull plaque off your teeth, this is simply the best, most cost-effective tool of this caliber.

Bitvae 300ml portable water flosser

If you’re worried about refilling your water flosser while cleaning your teeth, Bitvae’s 300ml tank is the cure. With enough capacity to last for your entire flossing session, plus a simple series of three cleaning modes, you won’t have to think twice about cleaning your teeth.

There are also six different jet tips included with your flosser, so you never have to worry about too much pressure on sensitive areas of your mouth. Switch out the tips for a more favorable feeling, and continue your cleaning routine.

Nicefeel three-mode water flosser with four jet tips

Nicefeel may be a brand name, but it’s also the first thing that comes to mind when you try this water flosser. With four different jet tips to customize your experience, pressure won’t be a problem, no matter what settings you use.

If you travel and want to maintain flawless personal hygiene, Nicefeel can go with you. It’s entirely wireless and portable and packs into your suitcase or carry-on bag easily, even if you bring the jet tips.

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