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Best stocking stuffers: 10 small, affordable gifts they’ll use again and again

Christmas is right around the corner, and you still haven’t grabbed those last-minute gifts, have you? That’s OK. We’ve got you covered. Here is a good blend of tech-savvy and general gift ideas for everyone on your list. Keep reading for our list of perfect stocking stuffers.

ColorCoral keyboard cleaning gel

There’s a writer or gamer on your list, someone who uses their keyboard often but already has all the bells and whistles for their setup. What they don’t have is a way to keep it clean that doesn’t involve ripping all the keys off and spending 20 minutes of their time.

ColorCoral’s gel expands between the keys, grabs dust, and gets thrown out. Clean and simple.

Leather bifold wallet for men

Has he been carrying around the same beat-up wallet for the better part of a decade? It’s time for a refresh (and possibly an upgrade). This slim leather wallet contains space for up to seven cards and has a front window for their ID. It’s ultra-functional and something they’ll use every day.

iWALK mini portable charger (for iPhone users)

Nothing is more frustrating than your battery hitting that 20% warning and stressing you out as it slowly drains. Everyone experiences charge anxiety, so why not give the gift of peace of mind? This 3350 mAh power bank is surprisingly powerful for such a small package. It plugs into the bottom of their phone and charges it immediately.

Moveable phone tripod

It seems like everyone is trying to make video content these days. If that sounds like someone on your list, you’re about to make it easier for them.

This bendable phone tripod can be flexed into just about any position, so it can record at multiple angles. It’s a quick, mobile little add-on that can help any aspiring YouTuber or vlogger on your list.

Mr. Coffee mug warmer for desk use

Cold coffee mugs are a problem for many busy workers. But it never has to happen again. This warming tray keeps mugs nice and hot while they focus on their screen. Coffee will still be hot when they’re ready to drink it.

Magicteam white noise machine

Sleep is hard, but it doesn’t have to be. White noise helps drown out the humming and whirring of a house’s heating system or background noise from people who haven’t gone to bed yet. It’s like lulling yourself into a nice sleep with the push of a button.

TP-Link Wi-Fi booster wall box

Wi-Fi is excellent until it’s not. If you’ve ever had difficulty getting a signal from one end of the house to the other, this gift shouts at you. Give the gift of better Wi-Fi and reduce the amount of rage-induced fits that extend from a lousy internet connection. Grab yourself one while you’re at it.

Multi-tool pen set for men

He needs a pen, but who knows when he’ll also need an LED flashlight, stylus pen tip, screwdriver, or bottle opener? Nobody knows, but he’ll always be ready with this simple gift. It’s low-cost and highly functional, which is precisely what men want.

MZOO sleep eye mask

They’ve got the white noise machine, but how can they block out the light? After a long Christmas (especially if they have kids), they deserve a good night’s rest. It’s time to help them treat themselves with this comfortable eye-cup sleep mask that blocks out light while providing comfort.

Ridge minimalist wallet in ARW metal

Ridge makes the best unisex minimalist wallet for men and women. If that red leather wallet didn’t pique your interest earlier, this one certainly will. Ridge offers an all-metal minimalist design that helps keep cards and cash in a thin, secure fashion. Choose from eight colors to custom-tailor it to the person on your list.

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