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Best smartwatches for emergency situations (SOS mode)

Smart home devices offer exceptional accessibility and can help during an emergency. Tap or click here for steps to use an Amazon Echo as an affordable Life Alert alternative.

But not everyone wants a smart assistant listening to every word spoken in their home. There is a solution. Your next best bet is a smartwatch. These smartwatches include SOS features to help in emergencies for everyone, especially seniors.

Samsung Galaxy Watch 5

The Galaxy 5 includes GPS to help you make the most out of every SOS feature. Samsung built an SOS mode into this watch which you can activate by simply pressing the power key to send a request for help to your loved ones.

The only caveat is that you must download a free Samsung app called Galaxy Wearable. You can set your home/power key up to send a warning after being pressed three times in rapid succession. While there is some setup involved, it’s customizable with no paywall.

Apple Watch Series 8

Apple continues to add incredible features to its smartwatches, including an SOS mode. Press one button and instantly alert emergency contacts and/or emergency services. Sometimes it’s difficult to know when you’re in danger, which is where additional features come in handy.

Utilize the Series 8 advanced health features to monitor your blood oxygen levels and sleep tracking statistics. The Series 8 watch is an unparalleled health monitoring and SOS device.

CoCo Bluetooth smartwatch

Samsung and Apple are pricey, so let’s show you something that’s an average of 75% cheaper and comes with all the functions you need. You get an emergency mode, body temperature monitoring, health monitoring and more.

However, it isn’t perfect. If you want more than one emergency contact, there is a subscription package paywall. The features work well enough to use one emergency contact but may not suffice for everyone’s needs.

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