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Portable chargers for Apple and Android
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Best portable chargers, power banks and other ways to top up your tech on the go

We’re all tied to a handful of devices with rechargeable batteries. What happens when those batteries run out before we get home?

In many cases, we panic. We all want to make our batteries last longer, but as lithium-ion batteries age, they lose maximum power.

Carry a portable power bank with you to keep your devices charged and connected and stave off any anxious feelings when you’re out of the house. Let’s take a look at the best portable power banks available right now.

Best all-around power bank – Anker portable charger 313 power bank

Anker is a stellar brand that produces some of the best battery packs imaginable. They’re the ultimate cost-effective choice for chargers, cables and so much more.

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So what makes this one great? It hits the perfect point between price, power and portability. You can bring it anywhere and slip it away inside a laptop bag or purse.

One reason that this power bank is so helpful is the textured exterior. You can pick it out without it slipping out of your hands and charge an iPhone 13 at least two times (from 0%).

Anker also has a unique MultiProtect technology, which prevents overload and overcharging. You can overcharge your lithium-ion battery with inexpensive no-name power banks and force it to swell. If it swells, it becomes a fire hazard.

This model comes with advanced temperature control and a high-density polymer cell. It can be recharged hundreds of times without losing battery cell life.

Anker takes its protection further by offering $25,000 in lifetime warranty protection. By lifetime, it means the lifetime of the charger, but considering you’ll have it for years to come, it’s a lot of coverage.

Best solar power bank – Mregb 42800mAh fast charging solar power bank

Imagine driving to work, leaving a solar bank on your dashboard, and returning to an impressive 42800mAh of power. For context, that’s 4.28x more than the Anker model we just reviewed. It’s a lot of juice in a small package.

Mregb created a durable and rugged charger with a built-in solar panel. While the panel isn’t going to supercharge your power bank, it’s an excellent addition to reduce your carbon footprint and lower charging costs on your utility bill.

With a built-in flashlight for emergency use and Qc 3.0 fast charging, you’ll have everything you need to keep your phone nice and charged during a storm.

Mregb calls this drop-proof, and to an extent, that’s true. No device will withstand endless torture, but the exterior makes it rugged and shock-resistant.

On top of being drop-proof, the IP67 waterproofing helps repel rain and light spills. Mregb also includes its Multiprotection Safe Guarantee, which helps with overcharge protection, overcurrent protection, temperature, overvoltage, recovery protection and more.

With excellent solar panel efficiency and utility beyond comparison, this is the perfect companion for long car rides, storm preparedness, camping, and much more.

Best low-cost power bank – Talk Works portable charger power bank

If price is a concern, Talk Works has one of the best deals you’ll ever find for a portable power bank. Keep in mind that there are caveats. Not everything will be perfect about this charger, but it gets the point across.

On the exterior of the chassis near the three ports, you’ll see four blue LED lights. These are your charge indicators. The light isn’t very bright, so it might be challenging to see in outdoor environments.

Compare this to Anker’s power bank on the top of our list, and there’s a staggering 4000mAh difference. However, most of the time, you aren’t going to need the full power of 10000mAh for simple smartphone use.

Talk Works has a very basic slim body for this portable power bank without room for a lanyard or anything of the sort. You get access to two USB ports to let you charge two devices at the same time and one micro USB port for smaller devices.

Each output sends 2.1 amps, granting fast charging speeds. Not quite as good as Anker, but plenty for most applications.

Overall it’s a compromise, but it saves you money. These power banks usually don’t go on sale, so unless you wait for Anker prices to drop, this will be your best inexpensive option.

Best multi-pack offer – INIU slim portable charger banks

Two for the price of one always feels nice, doesn’t it? You get two separate 10000mAh power banks, which give four total charges of an iPhone 13 for context.

It’s a lot of power, making it ideal for long car trips if you have multiple people in the car using their phones.

The slim design makes it easy to store without worrying about space. With two USB-A ports and one USB-C port, you can easily charge nearly any small device.

Now the thing to keep in mind is that battery quality differs between different power banks, which is why thousands of knock-off brands exist. Compatible with plenty of low-current accessories like AirPods and Bluetooth trackers, INIU is the quintessential fix to charging all of your devices.

It also includes a three-year warranty, lifetime technical support, and a 30-day money-back guarantee if you don’t like them. The only major gripe is that they’re very slick, so you may drop them (which can damage the battery).

As a quick note, you get two travel pouches and two USB-C cables with your purchase, which is more than you get with most portable power banks.

Best tactical and portable power bank – Renogy 72000mAh 266Wh power bank

Tactical situations call for mobility and being ahead of the curve. Thankfully, Renogy’s power bank means you can focus on both. Use a USB-C charger, wireless charging mat, and 150W cigarette lighter port to power about anything. 72000mAh is a ton of energy to throw around.

So what can you do with all that power? You could charge your iPhone 14 times, charge five devices simultaneously, and even plug in a solar panel.

If you plan on using this for outdoor scenarios, it can support up to 100W worth of solar panels to charge during the day, so you’re never without power.

Not that it’s what most people would be using it for, but you can power a 50W mini fridge for four hours, charge your digital camera 29 times, and charge most laptops about five times from 0% to 100%.

It’s a powerful bank, it might be a little overkill, and it definitely packs a punch for the price. If you want to go all-out, Renogy makes sure that you’ll want for nothing with this impressive power bank.

Best high-capacity power bank – SinKeu portable power bank

SinKeu isn’t just trying to charge your phone. It’s trying to charge everything you own. This inexpensive backup power supply outputs 110V at 200W and features seven different outputs.

This power bank is specifically designed to help during storms and natural disasters, but it can also work for charging phones, laptops, and small devices.

SinKeu puts a handy on-screen battery indicator to let you know your exact percentage of battery life. This is ridiculously helpful when you’re using it for camping or emergencies.

It uses USB-A and USB-C, as well as a wireless charging mat for phones on the top. Unless it’s a major appliance, you can charge it on this.

SinKeu utilizes Super Safe, a technology that helps the battery system manage multiple safe-charging outlets, so you don’t overcharge your device and waste the power bank battery.

Surprisingly, it’s only 3.5 lbs and nowhere near as big as you’d think. It offers seamlessly quiet operation, as well as a built-in handle.

Best portable charger for laptops – Omni 20+ 20000mAh laptop power bank

Charging your phone on the go is great, but what about that laptop with the six-hour battery life? That’s not going to last quite as long as you want it to throughout the day.

Omni comes to the rescue with this high-capacity portable charger that has more ports than you’ll know what to do with. It comes with so many more applications apart from just charging your phone.

Use it to charge an electric drone on-the-fly, camera batteries, your MacBook, and so much more. With a 110V outlet and two USB ports, you get about all the utility you need. There’s even a 60W USB-C on the back for quicker laptop charging.

This is a Jack-of-all-trades option. If you don’t need this much power, getting it is no point. 20000mAh still doesn’t hold a candle to the Mregb power bank from earlier, but the lack of limitations that Omni offers is spectacular.

If you’re going to charge your phone, there’s a 10W wireless charging pad on the top. It’s everything you’ll ever need in a power bank and then some.

Pro tips for power banks

Can I leave my power bank plugged in all the time?

If it includes overcharge safety features or some kind of protection, you can leave it plugged in all the time.

While this isn’t recommended because it can lead to lousy charging habits (such as if you plug your device directly into a charger and then into the wall), it can be done. Just be sure to check the safety manual for your power bank, and double-check any online recalls about safety features first.

How long should I charge my power bank for the first time?

Between one and two hours. Lithium-ion batteries that sit on a shelf slowly lose their charge, so you want to give them a full charge right out of the package.

The same advice goes for batteries on new phones. They could be sitting on a shelf for months, and the cells need to be taken from 0% to 100% to get things moving again.

What happens if you overcharge a power bank?

Overcharging a power bank can damage it. Without built-in overcharge protection, the battery can end up charging your devices slower or swell and pose a fire risk.

If your power bank is damaged, it’s best to buy a new one. One trick is to set timers on your phone or near the power bank while charging to remind you to unplug it once it hits 100%.

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