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Best phone tripods

Small and mighty phone tripods for amazing photography setups

You’re tired of taking mediocre photos with your phone. How do people get such amazing and sharp photographs even though their camera isn’t as good as yours?

It’s all about the angles. Using a tripod helps find the perfect height to take stunning photographs while keeping your phone level for beautiful pictures. These are our favorite (and they’re all inexpensive).

TalkWorks flexible phone tripod for iPhone and Android

You can film anything with your phone, whether a vlog or a YouTube advertisement. TalkWorks made this tripod to sit right on your desk and help you get the perfect angle and depth for intimate photographs and videos.

With a powerful clamp, dual-button remote and excellent traction on the bottom of the stand, it’s a perfect compact solution. The legs are flexible, so you can bend them as you see fit for different angles or attach it to the back of a chair if you don’t want to buy a full-sized tripod.

UBeesize phone tripod and selfie stick combo

If you need a high angle to create beautiful photos, UBeesize has a tall 67” tripod with a telescopic pole that extends and gives you every inch you need. Even with a heavy phone or camera on top, the fastener keeps your device in place perfectly.

With a total weight of 4 lbs, it doesn’t wiggle or buckle from light movements. They even include a two-button remote control that connects to your phone via Bluetooth. One button for iOS, one for Android. It connects to your camera and helps you take group photos without anyone left out.

AmazonBasics 50” lightweight camera tripod with bag

While this is marketed for DSLR cameras, it works well for phones. This inexpensive tripod comes with a carrying case and an easy way to fold it up. Each leg has two fasteners to lock in your extension, allowing you to choose the perfect height.

It goes up to 50-inches. Thanks to the aluminum construction, it doesn’t dent easily. However, it is only 1.25 lbs in total, so it’s not recommended to tilt the head too far down. Use the built-in handle to adjust your phone’s position and snap the perfect photograph.

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