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Best electric blankets to stay cozy all winter

We’ve had a lot of cold fronts that drop the temperature down to crazy lows. It’s startling, and you don’t always want to crank the heat across your house. These electric blankets keep you cozy during frigid winters, rainy nights and whenever you feel a bit of a chill coming on.

We’ve put together a nice variety so you can choose based on price, accessibility and size.

Overall best electric blanket

Sealy is a solid brand with quite a long history in bedding. While this is the most expensive electric blanket on the list, it’s for a good reason. You have a massive layer of coverage of 84 by 90 inches to cover a queen size bed, up to 10 different heat settings and a warm, comfortable exterior made from flannel and sherpa.

If the warmth lulls you to sleep, you don’t have to worry about spiking your electricity bill or running into fire risks. Enjoy peace of mind with the automatic 1 to 12-hour shut-off feature.

With dual digital controllers and a five-year warranty, Sealy delivers one of the best all-around options for electric blankets.

Best middle-of-the-road electric blanket

Sunbeam offers a unique way to heat your bed before you hop in. This full-size electric blanket is designed to work between the layers of your bed to warm it up before you settle in for the night, but it also makes for a great lap warmer.

There are 12 heating settings to give you more control over the temperature rather than the usual warm/medium/hot options. You can also choose up to 12 hours of use before it automatically shuts off to save on power and reduce fire hazards.

With a 100% polyester exterior, you can take the cover off for cleaning, and it’s machine washable.

Best cozy one-person electric blanket

Need something for the back of the couch that you can turn on when the feeling arises? That’s what this simple throw blanket is best for. If you aren’t going down for the night, this blanket helps you stay toasty through the afternoon with fleece edging and comfortable flannel fabric.

While it isn’t entirely as adjustable as the other blankets we’ve seen, there are five heating levels you can choose from. There’s an LED controller, a 3-hour automatic shut-off feature and a cord that gives you more than enough slack.

This blanket has everything you need to snuggle up on the couch. The heat isn’t super intense, but it’s more than enough to help you feel calm and warm.

Best reversible electric blanket

Say you love sherpa, but sometimes it’s a little too warm. How about flannel? How about both? With Westinghouse, you can choose which one you’re in the mood for by reversing the blanket whenever you like.

Both sides work with the 10 different heating levels, so you aren’t compromising versatility just because you want to enjoy a different material.

With a machine washable cover and bright LED controller, it’s simple to take care of (and you won’t lose the button). This particular blanket comes in a twin size, although others are available for a higher price. Put on the 12-hour automatic shut-off feature so you don’t run up the electric bill if you fall asleep under the warm, soft fibers.

Best budget-friendly electric blanket

On a budget and don’t need an entire king-size blanket? That’s what DUODUO is here for. While you won’t get access to as many heating levels as the other blankets on our list, you do get 4 of them for a little bit of range.

There’s a 15-foot power cord, so you can run this halfway across the living room if you want to, and there are over half-a-dozen colors to choose from to match your interior design. It’s an inexpensive option that gets the job done right.

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