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When you decide to cut the cord, when you drop your cable and satellite services, you may believe you need to give up on all your favorite TV shows — but that’s not true.

You can still stream all your favorites with services like Netflix or Hulu, but streaming services don’t offer every show. Tap or click for the best streaming devices and smart TVs.

There are still plenty of television shows you can access on your smart TV, but how can you record them without your cable or satellite company-owned DVR?

Best DVRs and an expander

The answer is simple. Just invest in your own DVR. One of the original digital video recording companies, TiVo, is still around. You can get the TiVo EDGE for antenna or over-the-air (OTA) TV here from Amazon.

If you’re more comfortable with Amazon, check out these three digital video recorders. For more TV show storage, scroll down to see our top DVR extended storage pick.

1. Auto skip all the commercials

2. BONUS: Extra DVR storage

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