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Best budget yard tools that get the job done

It’s almost time to start mowing every Sunday (yeah, we’re not thrilled about it either). Between the garden, bushes, grass and everything else in your yard, you deserve some high-powered tools to help you get the job done that don’t wreak havoc on your bank account. We’ve compiled a list of affordable tools to help get the job done.

WORX lawn edger tool

You finish mowing, but the yard looks… bland. It’s a hassle to run along the edges of your lawn with a weed whacker or another tool that just doesn’t get the job done correctly.

Instead, WORX has an inexpensive edger that gives you beautifully straight edges and clean corners. Toy around with three separate depth adjustments depending on your preference, and don’t stress about the weight. At just under 15 lbs, it’s simple to maneuver wherever you want.

Sun Joe cordless lawn care system

Instead of getting just one tool, how about multiple all at once? This system includes a power pack and charger to keep all three tools charged: your hedge trimmer, pole saw and grass trimmer.

Everything you need to tackle your lawn is here, each tool weighing under eight pounds, so you can have complete control over your lawn and garden without lugging around heavy machinery. Each tool is easy to use, and Sun Joe offers a two-year warranty.

BLACK+DECKER electric leaf blower

The cutting and weed whacking is done, but what about all that mess? It needs to be nice and clear to keep your lawn looking top-tier. This leaf blower gets the job done, though it won’t be as strong as those commercial leaf blowers you see the pros using.

It’s great to clear your property after using an edger, gathering leaves and removing all the debris after you’ve finished mowing. It’s powerful but not so strong that you can’t use it single-handedly. If you need power in your lawn and garden but don’t want to go overboard, BLACK+DECKER is the way to go.

Laelr Garden auger drill

Manual augers help aerate your garden and give you the perfect space to plant new additions. Beyond that, they help remove roots after you pull out a stump or tear up rough terrain to make it viable for plant growth.

These handles have a soft touch but are susceptible to tearing from excessive use, so exercise caution. Thanks to the wide drill blades and weight, there’s a lot of power in this auger. It’s likely the only one you’ll ever need for your garden.

10-piece stainless steel garden tool set

Electric tools are great for a wide spread of applications, but they’re not everything. This 10-piece set of basic gardening tools is made with anti-rust stainless steel, includes a carrying tote to keep everything organized and gives you enough utility to tackle smaller projects in your yard.

Sometimes a heavy-duty electric tool is just too much. These tools fill the gap and don’t cost much. They’re not flashy. They’re simply reliable and built to last.

BLACK+DECKER 20V MAX trimmer and edger

Need an edger with a little less bite? BLACK+DECKER provides the perfect tool you can rely on without going overboard. This is in its MAX lineup, so all 20V MAX battery packs and chargers will work with this trimmer and edger.

With a dual handle system for maximum control and durable construction, it’s a middle-of-the-road tool to help tame your lawn.


VIVOSUN outdoor tumbling composter

Creating yard compost is fantastic for your lawn and garden’s growth and longevity. You can compost items from your home and make the perfect food for your lawn.

This tumbler has aeration vents to balance your compost, a durable stand to help hold everything you put into it and enough room to handle every home composting need.

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