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The best accessories for your new Android tech

Now that the holiday season is just about past us, you’ve likely already gotten acquainted with your new Android tablet or phone. That means you probably have a good idea of what it can do, and now you’re thinking of ways you can improve it.

One simple way to make your Android device better is by adding apps. There are tons of apps to choose from that will help you increase productivity, edit photos and videos, play games and so much more. Tap or click here for 10 of the best apps to add to your Android device.

The next thing you can do to improve your Android experience is to add some great accessories. We’ve curated some of the most useful accessories you can find. Whether you’re looking for a way to add more space or a more accurate way to interface with your phone. 

1. Always have enough space with the Samsung EVO Select 128GB MicroSDXC Memory Card

If you plan on storing a lot of photos or videos on your new Android device, you might need to add storage space. This Samsung EVO Select 128GB micro SD card bolsters your storage space. It adds a whopping 128GB to your Android device in a tiny little package. You’ll never have to worry about running out of space again and can download apps, photos, games and videos to your heart’s content. Then be confident you can take them with you when needed.

Promising review: “I recently got a Galaxy S20+ and wanted to take advantage of the ability to add a large storage Micro-SD card to upgrade the phone’s standard 128GB internal storage. It wasn’t that many years ago that 8-GB was A-LOT! Anyway, I bought this Samsung EVO 256-GB SDXC Micro SD card as it was a great price. It was packaged well and I installed the card into the phone and the card was “seen” in the phone without any problems.”

2. Charge two devices at once with the CHOETECH Dual Wireless Charger

Did you and your spouse, loved one, or kids all get Android phones for the holidays? Eliminate the need to fight over who gets to use the wireless charging pad with this CHOETECH dual wireless charger. It offers a wider charge pad to accommodate two devices at once, with support for fast charging up to 10W for the Samsung Galaxy family. There’s no need to struggle with it to find the best spot to kick off charging, and it should get everyone’s devices juiced up in no time. Best of all? You only need to buy one charger instead of two. 

Promising review: “I’m extremely happy with this charger, it’s one of the faster wireless chargers I’ve used and works for two phones at a time without slowing down and it’s actually big enough for the two phones . I like that there’s a light in front that shows when your phone is being charged. The rubberized material on top is also a nice touch so that your phone won’t slide around on top of it.”

3. Always have multiple cables on hand with Anker 2-Pack Type C Charger Cables

One of the first things you get when you unbox a new Android device is a charging cable. It can be quite easy to lose, especially if your child was the one who asked to unbox your device. With this two-pack of Anker cables, you can be confident you’ve always got a couple of spares around if you need to connect your device to a computer or charger on the go if you don’t have a wireless charging pad. Plus, this two-pack is affordable enough that you can buy another couple of cables if you end up needing them.

Promising review: “I’ve trusted Anker as a brand for quite some time now and these cords are nothing less than the standard that I have become used to from them. The braiding is thick and feels premium, the plug has a nice *snap* feel when plugging into my Samsung Galaxy Note8, and they charge just as fast as my factory Samsung cord that came with my phone.”

4. Get into the groove with Samsung Galaxy Buds Plus

One of the first things any Android device user needs is a proper pair of headphones to enjoy their favorite media. The Samsung Galaxy Buds Plus comes in a variety of colors and is truly wireless earbuds that feel fantastic in the ear. They conform to the folds of your inner ear and feel more flexible than standard earbuds.

Plus, they come paired with a charging case that lets you keep them juiced up even when you aren’t using them. You get 11 hours of nonstop music on a single charge, and then you can put them in the charging case for 11 more. If you decide to use them with your phone, you can use them as hands-free microphones to carry on your conversation. Their noise-canceling is also top-notch.

Promising review: “iPhone user approves these headphones and in my opinion wayyyy better than the standard AirPods . 👌🏽 Prettier, more discrete, more comfortable less expensive, newer technology. Haven’t tried the AirPods pro but don’t want to bother with those expensive ones when there’s these. LOVE that Samsung gave Apple users more support. You’re able to change around some sound profiles and customize the headset. One of the cool features is the ambient sound which allows you to hear more of yourself and the environment around you. Very useful when you’re out and about shopping yet need to take a call or want to listen to music but still be able to hear people around you. Love this feature. You can toggle it on and off as you need.”

5. Turn your tablet into a portable work station with the Logitech Bluetooth Multi-Device Keyboard

Typing with the on-screen keyboard on an Android phone or tablet works just fine for quick messages, searching or looking through menus. But if you plan on using it as a heavy-duty productivity machine, you could use an additional push. This Bluetooth keyboard is perfect for turning any Android device into a miniature computer that works well for writing documents, answering emails or any situation where an on-screen keyboard feels a little too slow.

Promising review: “The keyboard is simply great. Does everything that as advertised. The product quality is excellent and could not have been better. I have connected it to three devices including an android phone, linux labtop and a ipad and worked seamlessly on all three devices. I mainly bought it to work as a keyboard with my Ipad in case I needed to create documents on it and works great in that set up.”

6. Kill germs and juice up with the Samsung Qi Wireless Charger and US Sanitizer

Safety is more important than ever and this Samsung-branded charger can not only utilize quick charging, but it can also sanitize your device. Just put your phone in it and press the button to let it disinfect for 10 minutes. It offers 99% sanitation for your phone to protect you and your family from outside germs. Your phone is one of the dirtiest things you touch every day, after all. You might as well take care of charging as well as disinfecting at the same time.

Promising review: “Great for phones, keys, watches, wallets & masks. Size is adequate for oversized phones. Phone charging function is a nice bonus, but the sanitizing cycle is ~10mins, so more practical if you want to leave to charge overnight. Trusted brand name at a reasonable price.”

7. Go hands-free with the AUKEY Car Phone Mount

When you take your new device with you on the go, it’s a good idea to remain hands-off when in your car. This AUKEY phone mount will make sure you can keep your device front and center if you need to see a GPS or answer calls without holding your phone. It’s compact, sturdy, and reliable, and it should keep your phone out of your hands and in a safe area where it belongs. It holds your phone via magnets and sticks to your dashboard via an adhesive for a powerful mount.

Promising review: “LOVE this stylish and sturdy phone holder. It has one of the best suctions I’ve ever used on my car, but love that you can easily rotate the angle and lock it down. It places it at an easy to view angle so you can see your GPS when traveling.”

8. Pump up the jams with the JBL Flip 4 Waterproof Portable Bluetooth Speaker

You can use your new Android device to listen to your favorite tunes much louder than the built-in speakers will let you. Just attach the phone or tablet to this JBL Flip 4 speaker and listen to your music as loud as you want, no wires needed. It can wirelessly connect to two smartphones or tablets simultaneously and can play up to 12 hours on a charge, so don’t be afraid to rock out.

Promising review: “This is great, ideal for the home or travel. Good sound & nice & compact speaker. Lovely colour.”

9. Charge your device anywhere with the Anker PowerCore Slim 10000 Ultra Portable Charger

Never worry about running out of juice again when you have this portable charger from Anker in your pocket. Despite its small size, it packs a big punch in terms of charging power. It’s versatile, safe and simple to use. In a pinch without access to a charger somewhere? This portable charger has you’re covered. 

Promising review: “Carriers well in my pants front pocket. Not to thick. The length and thickness fit well in a small purse or front pocket of jeans. Use a USB splitter to charge multiple devices. Use a USB C charger for faster charging speed than the mini port.”

10. Improve your photos with the Xenvo Pro Lens Kit 

Your Android device can take photos that blow you away, but this Xenvo lens kit will ensure it does an even more impressive job. All you need to do is clip one of the lenses on your phone and capture up-close, intricate details. It also offers natural LED light for some of the best lighting you can get. For the price, you get some of the same lens types that professionals use, and you can use the phone you already have to shoot some of the best photos. 

Promising review: “Best IPhone camera lens I have ever purchased!!! This is hands down the best quality lens I have purchased. You will be amazed on how much detail you will get using the macro lens. Plus with the combination of the lenses you will capture a better picture for any use you normally use your iPhone camera for you can get just about every combination you will need to take photos with your IPhone with this one device.”

11. Watch your favorite shows in bed with the Tablift Tablet Stand 

If you want to take your tablet to bed with you and watch your favorite shows and movies, this tablet stand is a must-have. It removes the need for you to hold the tablet on your own and instead lets you angle it near you so you can watch it hands-free. The legs can be positioned on either side of your body whether you’re in bed or watching on the sofa, thanks to the adjustable strap. 

Promising review: “Great little product! I actually reversed the legs and mounted a small cutting board to the bottom with velcro so that I could use as a small desk for my tablet in its folding case or use my small Chromebook on it.”

12. Take notes and draw with precision with the Digiroot Universal Stylus 

Writing on your Android device with your finger can be clunky, but you can improve it tenfold with the Digiroot Universal Stylus. It includes a transparent disc for a point to help you see where you’re making strokes on your screen. It’s perfect for writing notes, coloring pictures or controlling your device without using taps.  

Promising review: “This pen is definitely the best for the value and works great on my Galaxy S9. I do a lot of drawing through the IbisPaint X app and the pen tips feel very natural and glide along the phone surface quite well. I usually prefer to draw with the basic paper anand pencils, but I enjoy drawing digital art as well now with how nice this pen feels. Would make a great gift for someone who enjoys drawing or writing notes with their tablet or phone.”

We may receive a commission when you buy through our links, but our reporting and recommendations are always independent and objective.

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