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The best air filters and humidifiers for indoor allergy control

Indoor air quality is one of the biggest reasons we get sick. It’s called sick building syndrome (SBS), which only worsens if you have allergies. Even if you keep a spotless house, particles and spores can still get into the air. The wrong level of humidity can make it feel stuffy. These machines help improve your indoor environment.

AMEIFU HEPA air purifier with triple fan speed

Go big or go home with AMEIFU. This bulky air purifier is perfect for up to 1,640 feet of living space, which is more than enough for most homes. With three different fan speeds and timer functions for nighttime, this purifier is a little bit of everything.

One of the best qualities is the ultra-quiet operation of just 15 dB, which means that even if you place this in your bedroom, it won’t be loud enough to disturb your sleep. This machine fills in the gaps where smaller air purifiers may not be enough.

AROEVE home air purifier

Want a good night’s sleep without compromising on air quality? AROEVE has an ultra-quiet option that won’t impact your sleep schedule or startle you in the middle of the night. With sleep speed controls, this can operate as low as 22 dB, which is above a third of the volume of a typical conversation between two people.

It’s legitimately like hearing a whisper from the other side of the room. The filter is good for up to 2,000 hours, so you won’t have to change them often, even if you leave it on 24/7 (as many people do).

Druiap home air purifier (2 pack)

You spend your days in the living room but your nights in the bedroom. Why move your air purifier because it’s time for bed? This two-pack includes 99.97% micron-removing air purifiers that clean up to 690 square feet of space each. They each utilize a meager amount of energy and average less than a dime to operate for an entire week (each).

They’re small and lightweight and include a built-in reminder system to switch out your air filter, so you don’t forget. Simply put, it’s the best value if you want to purify over 1,300 square feet at once without spending a ton of money.

50-hour ultrasonic cool mist humidifier

Want to set and (mostly) forget your humidifier? This machine has a 1.6-gallon reservoir, which gives you 50 hours’ worth of runtime before it needs to be filled. With multidirectional mist output in a 360-degree rotation and different intensity levels, you can humidify your room the way you want without compromise.

Add humidity to the air in up to 500 square feet worth of living space, enjoy the whisper-quiet operation, so it doesn’t bother you at night and rest assured with a two-year replacement guarantee by Everlasting  Comfort. It’s everything you need in a humidifier.

5-liter top-fill room humidifier

Filling up your humidifier from the top instead of pulling out a tray is how it should be done. This simple machine has basic buttons for low, medium and high settings. You can set up to two, four or eight hours with the front panel.

There’s a night light function and aroma diffuser, so you can fall asleep to gentle scents and soft lighting that soothe you to sleep. There’s even a deep sleep mode and a separate quiet mode to match your mood and specific use. It’s a little bit of everything without being overly expensive.

NineSky 85-ounce water tank dehumidifier

We know, we know, this one is a dehumidifier, but sometimes that’s just what the doctor ordered. If humidity is causing more problems, pulling some of that water out of the air could be precisely what you need.

This NineSky machine has two working modes, an LED light function and stores up to 85 ounces of water pulled from the air in its reservoir. As a relatively compact and lightweight machine, it can be moved from room to room depending on the weather and humidity conditions. It covers up to 720 square feet of living space.

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