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Apple’s new AirTags are already selling out – Get one while you still can

Apple products have a way of capturing the public’s interest. The Cupertino company knows how to market itself, and its products have become part of pop culture.

Apple’s recent event showcased new gadgets coming out this year. Tap or click here to check out our roundup.

Among the revealed products was AirTags. Though they have only been out for a couple of weeks, these small trackers have already become bestsellers. But if you want to get some, act fast. They are already selling out.

What do they do?

AirTags help you keep track of your stuff. Pretty simple. Attach them to something and if you lose or misplace it, you can use the Apple Find My app to locate it. Just listen for the alert when you activate the AirTag.

They work with anything from car keys to your smartphone. They currently hold the number one spot in New Releases of Electronics on Amazon. AirTags are available in multiple amounts. If you just need one, get it from Amazon for $29.

You may want to buy multiple AirTags and keep track of more of your things. You can get a 4-pack for $99.

A keychain will keep your AirTag handy when you need it or help attach it to something else. Check out this leather keychain going for $35.

What about Tile?

Tile trackers have been around for some time and are also great at what they do. They work slightly differently than AirTags but accomplish the same goals. Where Apple’s trackers use GPS, Tile uses Bluetooth technology to help you locate your things.

Tile trackers are less expensive than AirTags and work with both iOS and Android operating systems. Tap or click here to learn more about the differences between Tile and Apple trackers.

If you’ve made up your mind to get a set of Tile trackers, you can get a 4-pack from Amazon for less than $60.

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