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Apple AirTags accessories

Best Apple AirTags accessories for your keys, bag, pet, luggage and more

Apple AirTags can help find your keys so you’re not late to work, but they could be used for much more. This list of accessories is a good starting point to make the most out of your AirTags.

2-piece AirTag card carrier

Imagine losing your wallet and then finding it right after you cancel all your payment cards. Perhaps this has happened to you! You won’t have to worry about it anymore.

Pop one of these into the card slot of your wallet, then quickly sink into a sense of security as you realize it isn’t lost — it’s actually in the last place you left it. Your AirTag will show you the way.

AirTag keychain holder

Wrap your AirTag in a small leather clip that hangs on your luggage. This pack comes with four leather carrying cases with heavy rings that stay attached to whatever you put them on. With high-quality leather and a soft touch, you can easily slip your AirTags in and out of these holders without worrying about damaging them.

Shockproof AirTag container for bicycles

Ever worried about your bike getting stolen? Pelican has the solution. This shockproof case has an adhesive sticker that attaches to your bike, letting you track it if it disappears. These can be hidden in plain sight and blend in with the color and frame of your bicycle. Consider using one if you rent bikes when you travel.

IPX8 waterproof AirTag cases

We can’t imagine a time when you would intentionally submerge your AirTags, but if it does happen, SEVROK has you covered with these IPX8 waterproof cases. They work on luggage, suitcases and backpacks, giving you peace of mind that your personal belongings won’t go missing.

These cases are excellent for applications with an unknown element, such as tagging drones when flying them long distances or keeping a location on your RC boat. They can be applied to anything that may get near water or need to be recovered.

Silicone AirTag holder and D-rings

Fitting an AirTag into a silicone case is much easier than enclosing it in hard ABS plastic. But what happens when the silicone isn’t strong enough to attach to the outside of a bag or hang off a keyring? That’s where the metal rings come into play.

These heavy-duty D-rings can handle massive force while keeping the silicone tag case comfortably attached. And you get four to a pack!

AirTag dog collar add-on

Fido keeps running off for some reason, but you can make sure he doesn’t get lost. These AirTag holders hang off your pup’s collar so you can keep tabs on your pet.

They fit comfortably with a super thin profile, so it doesn’t make your dog uncomfortable, and the loop fits most collar sizes. You get two in a pack in case you have two four-legged friends (or if you just need a spare).

Compact key holder with built-in AirTag holder

Keys are jangly. This keyring allows you to fold out your keys without worrying about making a ruckus and includes space for an AirTag. Use the little loop at the end to attach it to your backpack, luggage or whatever else. You won’t misplace your keys (if you do, there’s an AirTag right there, so it’s OK).

Anti-slip Apple TV and AirTag holder

Apple TV’s remote is slim and low-profile, making it easy to get stuck between the couch cushions. This soft touch case from Spigen fits an AirTag in its base, so you not only have a bit of traction when you grab the remote, but you’ll also be able to track it down and know which cushions it fell between.

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