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Sale alert! AirPods and AirPods Pro at their lowest price, ever

Apple AirPods are all the rage, but their high price tags put off a lot of music lovers. Good news: Amazon just slashed prices of three different types of AirPods. This Apple AirPods sale means you can grab these coveted earbuds at their lowest prices.

Maybe the fear of losing one or both earbuds is holding you back. Apple’s Find My app uses GPS and Bluetooth to track down any lost AirPods — and an update helps you find them in a snap. Tap or click here for a clever way to keep track of your AirPods.

Typically, second-generation AirPods sell for $129.99. Now, you can get them at Amazon for under $100. That’s the lowest price you can find. You can also grab the AirPods Pro with fancy charging cases for under $175.

Buy now to get these status symbols at super low prices

One of the best ways to save cash on tech is grabbing an older model. Tech companies are constantly pushing out new stuff with fancy bells and whistles. They want to wring as many pennies out of you as possible.

Thus, they put out new gadgets to replace the old. But since they’re constantly outdoing themselves, even their outdated devices are high-tech and valuable.

That’s what we’re seeing with this sale. Apple came out with its third-generation AirPods last October. This means most people are flocking to the newest, shiniest option — even though the second-generation AirPods work just as well.

The only difference? The newest AirPods have wireless charging and multi-point Bluetooth connectivity. But if you just need AirPods for listening to music, podcasts and more, try this money-saving trick by buying these second-gen AirPods.

Apple’s decision to create a third generation of AirPods works out in your favor. It means you can take advantage of steep sales like this one. Usually, these bad boys sell for $159. Buy now and you save $60. That means you’re saving 38%!

Want something a little fancier? Here’s another great find in Amazon’s Apple AirPods sale

Maybe you want earbuds with more features, but you don’t want to fork over the cash for third-generation AirPods. In that case, go with the pros. Well, the Apple AirPod Pros.

They’re a total upgrade. They have noise cancellation and adaptive EQ features. You get better sound quality than standard AirPods — oh, and they’re water-resistant too. You’re also getting the wireless MagSafe compatible charging case.

Buy now and get them for under $175, which usually costs $249. That means you can save a whopping $75!

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