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Android accessories
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Android phone accessories to add-on to your cart before checking out

Your Android phone is great, but it could be better. Little add-ons can make certain tasks or functions much easier or more enjoyable, or at the very least save you some time. Whether you’re a mobile gamer or a regular commuter, these seemingly simple accessories are some of our favorites.

Razer Kishi mobile game controller

Mobile gaming isn’t the most intuitive experience. If you play FPS games on the go, the touch screen controls can be very overbearing. Most gamers come from a console background, so why not turn your phone into a controller?

Razer’s controller has a low latency mode to ensure reactive inputs, a comfortable grip so you don’t drop your phone and a series of stiff buttons to prevent any mishits. This controller works exceptionally well with the mobile version of the Xbox Game Pass, allowing you to play more complex games without cluttering your screen with prompts.

Mini portable USB-C power bank

Having some extra juice while you’re out and about is great, but let’s be honest — those full-sized power banks are bulky and difficult to carry around. YHO makes this ultra-compact, bottom-loaded USB-C power bank roughly one-third of the size of those older bulkier models.

With 5200 mAh, it isn’t the highest capacity, but power banks are rarely used for 100% of their charge. Most mid-range Android phones sit in the 6000 to 8000 mAh range for battery life. This power bank will give you a significant boost, display the remaining battery life on a small screen and help you stretch out your phone use before getting from work.

Loncaster silicone car phone holder

Phone holders with suction cups and adhesive can damage or warp your car’s console. They’re a little invasive. Loncaster made this simple silicone car phone holder so you can apply it at any spot you want on the dashboard, making it much more accessible than an affixed holder.

It’s simple silicone that sits on top of the car dash, props up your phone and makes it more accessible. Grooves on the interior hold your phone steady while the silicone absorbs shock from bumpy roads and turbulence while you drive.

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