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Android phone accessories

Best Android phone accessories under $20

Whether it’s cases, new chargers or some accessories that you may have never even heard of before, this list gives you everything you need to maximize your Android phone’s potential without breaking the bank.

Aureday phone tripod

You may not be a photographer, but nowadays, we all can take amazing footage and glorious photos with our phones. Just pop up your Aureday phone tripod, affix your phone to the mount, and you’re ready to go.

Vlog on the go or catch great photos from angles you wouldn’t typically achieve without a tripod. Use the included remote to take a picture with the tap of a button, or bend the legs to get angled shots.

Wireless charging dock for Google Pixel (series 4 thru 7)

Wireless charging is perhaps one of the most convenient features to emerge in smartphones, but few people utilize it properly. This wireless charging dock works for multiple Google Pixel and Samsung Galaxy phones.

If your device has wireless charging as an option, you can take advantage of the feature with this excellent charger. It uses a USB-C plug, so it runs high levels of electricity to your phone to charge quickly.

KINGMAS universal fisheye lens for Android

Want to take better photos with your Android phone but don’t know how to get those beautiful wide shots? KINGMAS makes a nifty little add-on that you clip right over your existing camera lens, allowing you to take fantastic photographs.

A lens changes the entire scope of the picture. This inexpensive clip packs a punch and is one of the cheapest additions to your Android phone you’ll ever have.

Type-C fast car charger for Android phone

Sick of your phone charging slowly? Aren’t we all? USB-C is the fastest way to charge your phone, but did you know that a car cigarette port charger can be faster than the power bricks you use at home?

They can push up to 12V safely, giving your phone plenty of juice while driving from A to B. These are the cheapest chargers we could find that come with rave reviews.

Loncaster car phone holder

There are so many uses for a horizontal phone holder. This fits on your dashboard, so you can use your phone’s GPS whenever necessary. Prop up your phone to watch a YouTube video while you have that drive-thru dinner during a long work week. Whatever tickles your fancy.

It’s entirely washable, reusable and has excellent traction on your car’s dashboard.

OIVO PS4 controller mount for your Android phone

Mobile games are great fun, but sometimes they get competitive. If you’re not one for touchscreen controls, you can connect your PS4 controller to your Android device and mount it on this convenient clip.

Watch your phone like a miniature TV while you game and slay the competition. This simple, clear clip has a retracting clamp, so it works with just about any size Android device.

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