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Take better Android phone photos with these phone lens attachments

Cell phones rival expensive cameras more and more every day. If you know how to use them properly, that is. Beyond using pro mode on your phone, you can attach a lens over your camera to take stunning photographs with more depth and clarity. These inexpensive lens attachments don’t do all the work on their own. When you pair them with the proper phone camera settings and angles, nobody will believe you took these photos on your phone.

Shuttermoon camera lens kit for iPhone and Android

Shuttermoon gives you five different lenses for various types of shots. This includes a fisheye lens for wide angles and a macro lens for zoomed-in shots without losing texture. In the carrying case, you’ll find a clip clamps down over your phone to hold the lens in place.

There’s an area to screw in whichever lens you want, including the 0.63x angle lens for better landscape photos or the 2x telescopic lens for up-close shots of distant structures or events. In short, Shuttermoon puts every type of lens an amateur photographer needs into one compact, travel-sized kit.

Godefa 11-in-1 cell phone lens kits for Android and iPhone

You already know a thing or two about phone photography, so you want more control over each of your shots. Godefa’s kit includes 11 lenses with clear labeling on each one, so you know which lens to pull out for the job.

If you don’t mind the extra bulk and pay attention to the minor differences one lens can make over another, the Godefa kit will be excellent for you. Some users report the lens differences being minuscule, but at this level of control, that’s part of the point.

Kingmas universal fisheye phone camera lens

Toying around with the idea of phone photography but don’t know how to proceed? Kingmas is a low-cost introduction to mobile photography with a three-in-one lens kit.

You get two lenses in the package because your 0.63x angle and macro lens are screwed together to save space, which you can undo when needed. The macro lens is sensitive and may require some getting used to, but as the lowest price we could find on a quality lens kit with a great clamp, it’s worth it.

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