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These are the best Amazon versions of popular products in 2022, from kitchenware to bathroom products
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Amazon-made cheaper versions of all these popular products

You can buy anything on Amazon, from kitchen supplies and electronics to clothes and even tiny homes. Just make sure you never buy these items from Amazon. One way to spend less online shopping is to buy Amazon versions of popular products.

For example, let’s say you want to find the best deals on electronics right now. Luckily, Amazon is one of the best online shopping sites for affordable electronics. It’s full of affordable alternatives to expensive products, from earbuds and makeup to clothes and electronics.

In this money-saving shopping guide, we’ll share some more affordable alternatives to expensive products from Amazon. Whether you’re shopping for cables, electronic logs, bread-making machines, trash cans or more, we found the best inexpensive alternatives to popular devices.

We’ll show you some Amazon versions of popular products you didn’t know about

Amazon knows exactly what most customers want — and it pours a ton of cash into market research. Once it finds out what shoppers like you are looking for, it creates Amazon versions.

The e-commerce giant has in-house brands for almost everything you need. We’re not just talking about popular electronics you can buy online. You can also purchase Amazon-brand toilet paper and shampoo!

This is a good tip for savvy spenders to know. We’ll help you compare popular devices to their Amazon alternatives. Some of these alternatives are likely cheaper, although we can’t say for sure since Amazon prices fluctuate so much.

Either way, they’re worth checking out.

1. Make your bread with these devices

Amateur chefs and experts can make their bread with the Cuisinart Bread Maker. With this compact and automatic kitchen device, you can make up to a two-pound loaf.

This stainless steel device has 12 preprogrammed menu options. You can choose between three crust shades, from light and medium to dark. Its compact design helps it fit neatly into your kitchen — and the lid has a viewing window so you can check the process as your bread slowly bakes to perfection.

All in all, it’s a bread lover’s dream.

But it might not be the right fit for you. In that case, you might want to try Amazon’s alternative. When writing this, Amazon’s name-brand bread-making machine is significantly cheaper than Cuisinart’s. This bread maker comes in black or white.

It also has three crust color options, along with 14 bread settings. Plus, it has an express setting that bakes bread in less than 90 minutes.

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2. Amazon versions of popular products even include trash cans!

Trash containers are one of those products we don’t think about often. However, they play an essential role in a healthy home. Without them, our trash would be out in the open, causing stinky messes in our kitchens, bathrooms and more.

That’s why all homeowners should take the time to find a good trash can. For instance, this clean and stylish 14.5-gallon kitchen trash can from Simplehuman is simple and easy to use.

It has a step, so you don’t have to touch the gunky lid. Speaking of lids, this one has a soft-close function, so it doesn’t slam shut.

But you may not want to drop fat stacks on the simple things. In that case, it’s worth checking out the Amazon Basics trash can.

This low-cost alternative also has a foot pedal and a stainless steel look. It’s smudge resistant and carries 13.2 gallons.

3. Here’s an essential tool in today’s digital world

We all have a ton of high-tech devices in our homes. That means we get the benefits of convenience — and the modern annoyance of cords.

Luckily, some cords are shorter than others. For example, this Apple port helps you charge your AirPods, iPads, MacBooks, iPhones and more devices.

You can also grab this six-foot lightning cable cord from Amazon Basics. It works just as well as the official Apple chargers and is MFi certified. The lower price doesn’t hurt.

4. This cutting-edge tool takes care of an ancient need

Tech solves lots of problems, including ones primeval humans dealt with. Dental care is essential for your health, which is why our ancestors used primitive toothbrushes and flosses.

Thankfully, modern dental care is simpler than ever. You can use rechargeable and portable water flossers to keep your teeth clean while you’re on the go. This Waterpik cordless water flosser comes with flossing tips so you can blast away even the clingiest food fragments.

Amazon reviewers love this battery-powered device because it helps them get healthier gums and brighter teeth. It’s ergonomic, quiet and easy to use.

By now, you know that there are Amazon alternative products for practically everything. Case in point: the Amazon Basics water flosser. This lower-cost device has one low-pressure flosser tip and one high-pressure flosser tip. It even comes with two AA batteries!

Here’s another nifty feature. It’s Alexa voice shopping enabled. You can say, “Alexa, reorder Amazon Basics Cordless Water Flosser.” Cool, huh?

5. Amazon even makes its own safes

If you’re concerned about burglars, you need a safe in your home. There are many brands to choose from. Many shoppers trust Honeywell, which is famous for its great engineers.

But if you trust Amazon’s team, you can save a bit of cash by using this low-profile steel security safe.

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