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Amazon Prime Day tips
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Amazon Prime Day: 7 tricks to save money and skip the junk

Prime Day, the annual two-day shopping event for Amazon Prime members, starts on July 12 and runs through the following day. You’ll find thousands of deals on everything from food to tech devices.

Customers aren’t the only ones wringing their hands in anticipation of this year’s Prime bonanza. Scammers use the excitement to trick people into handing over personal information or money. Tap or click here to avoid falling victim to these Prime Day scams.

While you can score some great deals this coming Tuesday and Wednesday, you can still end up overspending or purchasing something you don’t need. Prime Day is celebrating its seventh birthday this year, so we’ve gathered seven tips to help you get the most out of Amazon’s annual mega sale.

1. Shop the in-house brands

You’ll find the best Prime Day deals when shopping Amazon’s products (no surprise there). If you’ve been looking for an Echo speaker, Ring doorbell, a Fire tablet or Eero mesh Wi-Fi system, this is the time to get it. You’ll typically see savings of nearly 50% off.

AmazonBasics is Amazon’s private label for just about anything you can imagine, including batteries, luggage, kitchenware, cables, stationery, light bulbs and headsets, to name a few. Keep an eye out for Prime Day deals on these essentials as well.

2. Don’t buy obsolete devices or tech from brands you’ve never heard of

Wow, that sleek laptop has a shockingly low price. You’ll want to grab it before it’s gone. But wait! Ask yourself why it’s so cheap. Have you heard of the brand? Check the specs — how old is the processor? You don’t want to purchase a computer that was outdated before you added it to your shopping cart.

Many Amazon sellers use Prime Day as an opportunity to unload their aging inventory. Stuff sitting in the warehouse can be cleared out to make room for more. All they have to do is offer a considerable discount. Don’t buy something just because it’s cheap. You’ll regret it when it breaks down and you must purchase another one.

3. Make sure you’re getting a deal

This trick goes back to the early days of shopping. A retailer increases the price of a product so that the sale price looks more appealing. Do you think you’re getting 70% off? That’s only after the price was jacked up, to begin with.

Granted, some prices will climb due to inflation, as we’re experiencing with fuel prices. Tap or click here to check if you’re eligible for a gas stimulus check from the government.

You want to watch out for price gouging just ahead of Prime Day, which then drops the day of. Camelcamelcamel is a great tool to check price history and catch sellers in the act. The Camelcamelcamel extension also tracks price drops on Amazon, so you don’t have to keep refreshing.

4. Check the grocery sales

AmazonFresh is a grocery delivery service for Prime members, where you can get fresh groceries, including perishables, produce and Whole Foods products. You’ll find reasonable prices on groceries all year, but check them out on Prime Day for even better deals.

This is especially important as food prices, like everything else, are on the rise. Tap or click here for an app to help you save on everything from groceries to gas.

While at it, look for items you’ll use all the time, such as cleaning and pet supplies. You know you’re going to need them, so why not stock up now

5. Shop around

Retailers don’t want to lose all their business to Amazon, so they are stepping up and having their own Prime Day of sorts. Check out their websites this week to score some deals and stop lining Jeff Bezos’ pockets for a change:

NOTE: Walmart says it won’t have its own official Prime Day rival sale this year, as prices are already too low.

6. Get some free money to spend

An Amazon promotion will earn you $10 in credit, but it takes some work. Go to to activate your “Stampcard.” Then do the following:

  • Make a Prime-eligible purchase of at least $5.
  • Stream a show on Prime Video.
  • Listen to a song on Amazon Prime Music.
  • Borrow an ebook through Prime Reading.

Collect all four stamps by 11:59 p.m. ET on July 13 to receive your $10 promotional credit. Your Amazon credit will appear in your account within 24 hours of completing your Prime stamp card.

7. Skip items that will be cheaper later

Not everything is getting a Prime Day deal. Avoid buying mattresses, bedding, furniture, video games, game consoles or laptops during the next couple of days. Save your gaming purchases for Black Friday and home goods for Labor Day. You’ll find the best laptop deals during back-to-school sales later in July and August.

Check out for more deals

We’re rounding up the very best sales over at At the top of the page, click the Shopping section for all our lists.

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