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Amazon Kindle scribe

Amazon’s new Kindle includes a pen so you can take notes – Here are all the details

Amazon’s Kindle e-reader is one of the most popular ways to read e-books. The seemingly small internal storage is large enough to keep thousands of books, and it’s easy to download or buy more. Tap or click for a site that helps you find your next favorite read.

There have been several versions of the Kindle over the years, but Amazon just introduced a new model with a twist. Kindle Scribe comes with an interactive pen that lets you draw and take notes.

Read on to see what the Scribe can do and when you can get it.

Here’s the backstory

Kindle Paperwhite is an excellent starting point if you are new to e-readers, but you might want to hold off getting one. Sure, you’ll find them at a discount after the release of the new Scribe model, but don’t you want the most exciting Kindle yet?

Among Scribe’s new features, Amazon says it is the world’s first 10.2-inch, 300 pixels per inch glare-free Paperwhite display. That means the display is crisper and more detailed than the current Paperwhite, which has a smaller screen.

It is also thinner than the 2021 version, measuring just over half as thick. Because it has a much larger screen, it also increases the weight to 15.2 ounces over the 7.3 ounces of the Paperwhite.

But the most significant new feature is the inclusion of the pen. This interactive stylus lets you draw on the pages and take notes. It comes in Basic and Premium flavors. While they both work similarly, the Premium pen has a dedicated eraser and a shortcut button to switch between the pencil and highlighter modes.

The new Amazon Kindle Scribe

So, when can you get it? The new Kindle models will be available on Nov. 30. However, you can pre-order your device now.

There is a 16GB version with a Basic pen and one with a Premium pen.

There’s also a 32GB model with a Premium pen and a 64GB version with a Premium pen.

This might be the perfect time to get a new Kindle, as some older models can no longer connect to the Amazon store. As of Aug. 17, the Kindle (2nd Gen) International, Kindle DX International, Kindle Keyboard, Kindle (4th Gen), and Kindle (5th Gen) no longer support the downloading function.

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